Seal New World Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Seal:New World Game by Siamgame Mobile for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Seal:New World Tip #1: Hunting Mode.
Expedition allows you to go on an adventure with your friends.
Form a party with your friends and explore vast fields!
Work together to seek out Behemoths and slay them!

Expedition allows you to explore exclusive fields.
The following will be displayed on the field screen.
-Time left until Behemoth hunt finishes (displayed above screen)
-Friend info and position (displayed on upper-left of screen)
Once the time limit runs out, the hunt is considered failed.
Keep an eye on our friends‘ positions while looking for the Behemoth!
The monster may appear on any path between two portals.
Be sure to help out your friends in danger!

Behemoths may escape during battle after a certain amount of time has passed.
If it gets away, seek them out again to deal the killing blow!

Seal:New World Tip #2: Lounge.
Once you've reached Lv 15, you can join the Lounge.
You can form parties with other Lounge members, as well as play on the field together with other members.
The Lounge also allows you to chat with your friends at any time.
Get your friends together and check it out!

1.Create a Lounge by first setting the minimum level forjoining and the member limit.
2.Search for currently open Lounges which are set to "Public".
3.Searoh for Lounges with mutual followers.

1.Set the symbol for your Lounge.
2.Set the required level for members to join.
3.Set the number of people who can join the Lounge.
4.Set your recruitment message.
5.Set your Lounge to Public/ Private
6.Set the Lounge name

Features of field play
-You'll only be matched up with other Lounge members.
-Treasure boxes occasionally drop from monsters slayed by other members.
-Magic gathered in portals is shared between members.
-You can earn Gold and EXP from monsters slayed by other players.

In the Lounge, you can play Quests which are only available between participating members.
You can join Quests which Lounge friends are recruiting help for from the Quest Board.

You can check on other members from the "Members List" from the Quest Board or the Lounge settings.
Select a friend to teleport to them. Cooperate with friends to build a strong team!

Seal:New World Tip #3: Missions.
Speak to Pamela to accept missions.
Complete the missions, like slaying monsters and gathering the requested items!
Speak to Pamela again once you've completed a mission to continue the story.

Some missions may take you to areas you've never been to before.
Head to the mission destination by choosing the portal near the marked location on the map.
-Red portals are portals which still have locked routes. Blue portals are portals which have all routes unlocked.
-Portals marked by a yellow marker lead to areas which are part of a mission.
-The crown mark shows current Sub Mission status for Behemoths which appear on the path.

Seal:New World Tip #4: Pikke's Shop.
In Pikke's Shop, you can use Pikke Coins which you've obtained from slaying Behemoths to buy various goods.
Examples of such goods are Gold, Tickets, Crystals, Equipment, and Magi Enhancement Materials.
There will also be exclusive items sold during events.
*Please be aware that some items have a restricted exchangeable amount.

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