Star Tap Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Idle Clicker, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Star Tap Game by Inzen Studio for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Star Tap  Tip #1: Gameplay Tips.
In this game, Stella will fulfil a promise she made once before, to explore and travel through the infinite reaches of space.

She will need all the help she can get from the Drones, her Shuttle, and the mysterious Alien that seemingly came out from nowhere.

Get Advancements that will turn her Shuttle into a High
Tech vehicle capable of travelling at unbelievable speeds!

Stella has relentless determination and unmatched
willpower. Help her in her seemingly impossible voyage!

1. Try different ways of playing! Some players prefer to focus on one specific mode, others prefer a balance of the three.
2. Upgrade your Shuttle and Drones often.
Make use of all your abilities and the UFO help, it will greatly aid in your travels.
3. When your game is offline, Stella is still flying onward.
The shuttle and the drones don't stop working!
You might come back to find that she has already reached her destination, so remember to check back so that you can set off for your next milestone. Don't keep Stella waiting!
4. The Builder Drone will enhance your Drones permanently, it works fast, and is done with an upgrade
in 3 HOURS so remember to enhance the next Drone as soon as you are able to.
5. Multipliers are important to the modes. At higher multipliers ;
Starsoul Mode - Every tap fills up more of the Starsoul
Resource Mode - Drones collect resources much faster
Thruster Mode - Every tap gives out stronger Boosts.
So it is important to keep the multipliers as high as possible.

Star Tap  Tip #2: Boosting.
The most important task, dear traveler, is to accelerate.
Just tap on the screen to make your thruster boost.
And keep tapping! In the almost frictionless emptiness of space, the Shuttle will not slow down, so your speed will just keep increasing!
The higher your speed, the faster you will reach your destination!

Star Tap  Tip #3: Resources.
The other important task, is to Collect Resources.
You can do it manually during 'Resource' Mode by tapping (See 'Modes' below).
Drones will help you Auto-collect resources (See 'Drones' below).
You can also get resources near planets and stars.
Stella's Note I I have found that the Slipstream is rich in resources!

Star Tap  Tip #4: Shuttle & Abilities.
The shuttle comes with a Builder Drone.
This Builder Drone will upgrade your shuttle with enough resources.
Upgrading your Shuttle is important! It will increase the strength of your boosts, so that each Tap is stronger! It will also enable you to collect even more resources during ‘Resource’ Mode.
Certain abilities will be unlocked when you upgrade your shuttle to higher levels.
They will aid you in your journey.

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