Supremacy Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Supremacy Game by Colt/Small Target for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Supremacy Tip #1: Equipment & Skill Book.
All Heroes will be equipped with 1 unique equipment.
The equipped equipment will be activated when the Hero reaches Grade 2.
The equipment's ability will be applied in battles once the equipment slot is activated.
You'll be able to Evolve the Hero's equipment into a Soul Equipment by strengthening all equipped equipment when you complete all Grade 6 Training.
You can upgrade the equipped equipment by collecting equipment pieces.
Equipment can he purchased from the Shop or acquired as battle rewards.
Equipment can he Disassembled to Soul Essences and the Soul Essences can he used to Craft new equipment.

You need the required amount of Skill Books to upgrade skills.
Skill Books are available from the Arena.
Skill Books of the same type will be acquired according to the consumed Soul when training each Hero.

Supremacy Tip #2: Hero Souls & Soul Essence.
The only way to strengthen your Heroes is by training your Heroes using Hero Souls.
Different Hero Souls exist for each Hero.
Hero Souls can be purchased with Soul Gold at the Shrine.
Hero Souls are also available from battles with a low chance.
You can check the amount of Hero Souls in possession by going to Hero List or at the Training House.
You need lots of Hero Souls to strengthen your Hero to the MAX.

You can Craft the item piece of your choice by using Soul Essences as material
Soul Essences can be acquired by disassembling equipment at the Craft House.
You should extract lots of Soul Essences at once to save time.
Soul Essences are used as material to Craft equipment and they're also used to upgrade item skills.
You can check the amount of Soul Essences in possession by going to the Craft House.

This is a ticket you can use to exchange with Hero's Expression.
A Hero's Expression Exchange Ticket is available for purchase from the General Shop and you ca also acquire it from Union Soul Box I & II as well.
You'll net Gold/Chalice when the same expression is acquired.

Supremacy Tip #3: Guild.
Guild is a community with other users within the game.
Use Guild Coins to buy items.
Guild Store cannot be used when left from Guild.
Separate from World attendance check there is attendance check for Guild.
You can receive Guild Coins and Gold when attendance is checked Higher Guild level provides higher attendance Rewards.
Guild Level increases proportional to Guild Members‘ activity in World.
Mine output increases as mining activity increases.
Guild output is total of guild members‘ output.
Rank points are calculated by Guild resource.
Rank points are calculated weekly with some portion reduced.
When rank is confirmed Guild Coins and Gems are delivered by mail according to resource output.
Daily Rewards by Guild attendance check.

Supremacy Tip #4: Friend Point Summon.
Performing summons dispenses random heroes and weapons.
You can spend either gems. but not a combination of the two.
The chance of receiving an individual item has been set by an odds table.
Select "Breakdown" to view the odds table.
Performing Friend Point summons dispenses random weapons and materials in exchange for Friend Points.
Friend Points are earned by taking friends on quests, or by being selected as a friend in another player's quest.

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