Team Guardian Cheats: Coupon Codes & 5 Best Tips for Heroes., Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Team Guardian by PICTOSOFT for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Team Guardian Tip #1: Soul.
(Soul Combine): It means the transfer of a Hero's soul stone to another Transferring 1 soul stone and the converting amount varies by heroes.
(Soul Stone Convert Requirement): is the sum of (Default) and (Level Requirement).
Heroes that are able to upgrade must be upgraded to continue.
(Default Require): The amount required to convert 1 soul stones vary depending on heroes.
(Sending Soul Stone calculation): Sending soul stones value varies depending on the hero's grade(Normal/Elite/Legend).
If the grade is the same,
1 soul stone has a value of 3 and each grade different adds or subtracts 1 .
(Lv. Require): Heroes who are aiming for an upgrade has a requirement. 5 level gap leads to 2 more soul stones.
If there is a 7 level gap, it requires 4.
Grade 2's default level is 10, grade 3 is lv20, grade 4 is lv40, grade 5 is lv60.
(Convert Require): The sum of Hero's default requirement and level requirement.

Team Guardian Tip #2: Improving Heroes.
(Exp): Increase EXP to increase Hero level EXP can be increased in Dungeon or by EXP potion.
(Hero Summon): Collect Hero Soul Stone to activate Summon button.
(Hero Upgrade): When enough Soul Stones are collected for already summoned Hero Hero can be upgraded with Gold.
(Hero Ability): Normal Attack Damage rate for Normal Attack.
Skill Attack Damage rate for Skill Attack.
(Hero Alliance):Each Hero has unique alliance effect.
Alliance can be made in Battle preparation window by Hero combination.
Alliance effect is effective to all the party members.
(Element): Using each type of elixir Hero Element to each type can be increased
Different Heroes have different max elixir amount

Team Guardian Tip #3: Heroes Status Attributes and Skills Information.
(Status Attributes)

  • Continue Attack Increasing damage rate for combo attack
  • Pierce Rate to ignore other's defense.
  • Critical Rate Rate to have Critical Attack, 
  • Critical Damage Applied Damage on Critical Attack.
  • HP Hero‘s strength value to withhold other‘s attack.
  • Defense Rate to reduce damage of other's attack.
  • Dodge Rate to Dodge other's attack.
  • Cool time Reduce Rate to reduce Skill cool time.
  • HP Recovery HP recovery rate per second.

(Hero Skill)
To enchant Skill use Skill Points and Gold and Skill level cannot exceed Hero level.
Detail Skill info can be seen when pressed on Skill image icon.
Skill Points are needed to increase Skill level and 1 Skill Points are gained every 10 minutes.
Maximum Skill Points recovery is 30 points. Skill Points can also be recovered by Gems.

Team Guardian Tip #4: Improving Equipment and Accessories.
Select Parts and use Gold and Materials to Enchant. When reached certain level it can be upgraded.
Transcend is weapon upgrade by using special items.
Enchant and Upgrade is restricted to Hero level but Transcend is not restricted.
There are different types of accessories to each part Accessories can be enchanted by absorbing other accessories. Max enchant level is + 5 .
When reached +5 level use same of higher Star(*) accessory to upgrade.
Accessory upgrade requires same or higher level materials.
Max upgradable accessory Star(*) is 6.

Team Guardian Tip #5: Arena.
Arena is Battle site of Heroes with other users.
Each user selects 3 Heroes for 3v3 Battle.
Wins when all opponent Heroes are defeated.
Rank determined tomorrow with today's gained points.
Settled every Monday and Rewards sent by Mail,
During settlement top 20% move to upper league and bottom 20% move to lower league.
Press [Rank] button to see upper league.
Press [League] button to see details of upper and lower league.
Press [Rewards List] button to see weekly Rewards for the league.
Win or lose 1 star on every Battle.
When Star is 3 or more you can receive Reward by using Stars.
Rewards can be claimed up to 2 times a day.

Team Guardian Coupon Number Code: 53416234.

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