Tiny Dino World: Return Cheats: Serial Codes & 4 Best Tips for Dino, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tiny Dino World: Return by A.R.T Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tiny Dino World: Return Tip #1: Village.
Defensive structures will bring the village more gold: The more villagers living in them the higher the income.
Panel above the tower shows how much gold it will produce and the maximum amount that it can hold. Click it to collect all the gold it produced.
In addition to the level can not exceed the village.
To reach a certain level also need to eat some specific food in order to continue to grow.
Dino's level can not exceed the village level.
Exp will not be added to the dino if it's level is at the max level.
Many quests gives you dino shards so mart dragon please keep an eye on it.

Tiny Dino World: Return Tip #2: Dino Tips.
Leveling gives dino experience and increase its level, dino cannot gain levels after it reaches the max growth level, but can gain soul level.
Soul Level: Combine dinos of the same kind (including dinos before evolve) increases soul level, which increases dino's HP and DPS.

You can increase the max growth level by growing, the number of times you can raise the max growth level of a dino varies on the dino's stars, to a maximum of level 60.
Growth item can be acquired by exploring.

Dino can increase star rank by evolving. After evolving dino's HP and DPS will increase, passive skill, warriors and the max level cap will also change.

In dino zoo, you can send dino into different zone to explore.
Exploration will find growth items for dino, there is a also a chance to find different runes.
After zone upgrades, there will be chance to find soul gems, dino shards and expsaurus shards.

You can change totem patterns, the more dinos you have the more patterns you get.

Blessing can temporarily benefit the village or the dino.

Tiny Dino World: Return Tip #3: Nix Safety Manual Tips.
Create Item: Evolution Item.
Items you need to create evolution item.
Basic Resources includes material required to make combat items, including bottle, scroll.

Craft Runes.
Two runes of the same type can be combined into a higher level rune, the higher the rune level the more it costs and the lower the chance to success.
Rune does not disappear even if the crafting failed.

Combat Item.
Forge items that can be used in combat. Players will have to purchase recipes from random events to forge the items.
Ingredients required to forge an item are growth item (Acquire by exploring). Basic ingredient (produce at the nix workshop).

Tiny Dino World: Return Tip #4: Hut Manual Tips.
Element Counters.
Every building will have an element based on the villagers in it.
There are 4 types of elements, no element fire water and wood.
Everything beats no element, fire beats wood, wood beats water and water beats fire.
Fire will deal more damage to wood and sffer more damage from water and vice versa.

Increases building HP and income.

You can move buildings to try out different strategies and increase village's defense.

Dino Soul.
You can equip dino souls into all your buildings to give it buffs and increase your defensive strength.

Tiny Dino World: Return Serial Number Code: 743492345.