Villain Rush Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Villains, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Villain Rush Game by Daerisoft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Villain Rush Tip #1: Kaizins Types.
Each of these will be either 1) technical, 2) committed or 3) powerful.

Kaizin types gives you an indication of which attributes the Kaizins will develop in over his life time. It does NOT mean he plays better in this position (though in most cases it will be true as his skills fit to that position).

In theory if a technical forward and a powerful defender had the exact same skills they would play equally well as a striker as they would as defenders (or even in midfield). Of course this is in theory as the Kaizin types decides which skills the Kaizin will develop to be great in. So remember this when setting your tactics.

- Technical types will typically be offensively better and develop great technical skills and be fast.
- Committed types will typically be/develop great overall skills and be hard working with high stamina and good positioning skills
- Powerful types will typically be defensively better and develop great strength and be strong in tackling and in the air.

Villain Rush Tip #2: Improving Kaizins.
You can gain and level up Kaizins in the draw.
When you gain a Kaizins, a conquest of the related nation automatically begins
Revived Kaizins will automatically wage war in their nations.
And when you meet another Kaizin already revived, it will level up and become more powerful!
The gold cost for reviving increases each time, but we must carry on if we are to defeat the heroes.
Level up your gear to Increase stats of all Kaizins.
You can revive from a battle by watching an ad.
Kaizins can become powerful according to Level, Grade, Evolution Skill and Gear Level.
A Kaizin can reach level 99.
You not only have the power of revival, but also another special power.
When you tap a kaizin during battle, you can increase it's attack speed by 3 times!
Tap a kaizin in trouble fighting in each nation to lend a hand.

Villain Rush Tip #3: Bosses.
A Boss appears when you clear Stage 10 of each nation.
When a boss appears, you cannot advance the stages further.
So when you see the Boss icon in the World Domination menu, defeat the boss to progress the stages.
You can check the continental nation conquest in World Domination.
In World Domination, you gain Gold for each Hero you defeat.
In World Domination, you begin at the current stage when all your kaizins fall.

Villain Rush Tip #4: Drawing Kaizins and it's Rebirth.
You have certain chance to draw N/R/SR Kaizins.
Kaizins evolve In the following order: N/N+/R/R+/SR/SR+/UR/UR+.
A Kaizin's Grade, Evolution Skill, and Deputy/Lair Skill is maintained after Rebirth.
During Rebirth, you gain Kaizin Stones depending on the number of Bosses defeated.
Spend Kaizin Stones In Manage Kaizin to evolve kaizins.
During Rebirth, kaizin/gold/gear are reset.

Villain Rush Tip #5: Deputy and Lair.
Purchase and level up your Deputy and Lair in the Deputy/Lair menu.
Various permanent effects can be gained in the Deputy/Lair menu.
You can change your main Deputy in the Deputy menu.
You can change your main Lair in the Lair menu.
Deputy Skill can become restricted when you kill too many low level Heroes.
Tamayo's Deputy Skill gives you up to 20 Crystals per 10 minutes during offline periods.

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