War Wings Cheats: 4 Best Tips for RP, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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War Wings by Miniclip for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

War Wings Tip #1: RP.
You earn plane EXP by fighting in PVP battles. Level-up to unlock new parts for your plane.
RP and Free RP gained from PVP battles can be used in aircraft research
Silver is used to research and modify planes, and buy equipment that can save your life in battle.
Research Points, also called RP, are the key resource for unlocking planes at a higher tier.This is the main way to get a new plane.

There are two types of Research Points: Free RP and RP
RP can only be used in the current aircraft's research; Free RP can be used freely in any aircraft's research.
Certain amount of Free RP will be given after each battle.
Elite Aircraft, premium aircraft and some event aircraft receive extra Free RP after battles.

Further research for your plane increases performance in the skies
Get more RP by battling in PvP and using it to research more powerful upgrades

You can earn RP through battles.
Each aircraft produces a corresponding amount of RP which can be used to research planes even further.
Free RP can also be earned through battles and can be used to research aircrarts.

RP for Premium and Elite aircraft can be converted to Free RP.
You can use Gold to convert RP into Free RP.

Upgrading modules for each of your planes will bring different benefits

War Wings Tip #2: Hangar.
You can check your plane status and get quests in the Hanger.
Research - Allows you to research new and improved planes.
Finish all of the research steps and then the plane will be added to your Hangar.
Supplies - Ammo type. Loadouts and Paint Schemes that improve survivability and bring about cosmetic changes.
These items expire over time and need to be purchased again.
Fight! - Takes you to the PVP/ PVE mission select screen
Quest/Achievements - Bonus tasks that you can accomplish for rewards while playing PVP and PVE matches
Plane level - Each individual plane can level up three times.
Each level up unlocks upgrades for the plane. Level up your planes by completing the specified tasks.

War Wings Tip #3: Controls.
War Wings oflers 3 different controls schemes to play the game:
Accelerometer Controls - Uses tilt motions to control the plane.
Controls can be re-calibrated by going into the Pause menu and tapping the Recalibrate Resume button.
Virtual Control Pad - Uses an onscreen control stick to control the plane. The control stick appears when the player s thumb touches the screen. Y-Axis [up & down] controls can be inverted
Gamepad Controls - Allows players to use a synced game controller to control the plane. Y-Axis [up B down] controls can be inverted

War Wings Tip #4: Plane Battle.
Kill streaks skilled shots, assists and saves will get you extra reward after each match.
Enemies on fire will lose HP. If they don't use a fire extinguisher in time, their fuel-tank will explode.
If Ammunition is low. You can change clips during fights to make sure you always enter a fight with full ammo.
Your plane has 5 parts that can be damaged including Each part has its own HP.
Losing the HP of a part will also reduce the plane's HP.
Shoot those parts to occasionally trigger damage events.
Damage events can kill a plane long before a part's HP is depleted.
Try to hit the rear cockpit. It's hard to hit but also very fragile.
Aim slightly ahead to hit the cockpit.
In PvP, avoid frontal attacks and dodge enemy attacks when approaching enemies.

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