Zlatan Legends Cheats: Redeem Virtual Codes & 2 Best Tips for Becoming Legend, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Zlatan Legends by Isbit Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Zlatan Legends Tip #1: Career Mode.
In Career mode, you will travel to arenas located on exotic planets across the universe and race!
Each arena consists of several unique tracks which can be played in four different difficulty tiers: Regular, Pro. Elite, and Legend.
Each tier adds a new track obstacle and has increased rewards.
Career offers some special rewards, such as Crew Tokens. However to earn rewards in Career, you will need Live tickets.
You can get Live tickets in the store, or allow them to accumulate over tirne.
If you run out of Live tickets, you will still be able to play in Training mode. which allows you to practice on
unlocked tracks, but you will not receive any rewards.

When you first arrive at a new arena, you will have only one track available to race on.
Each additional track can be unlocked by placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a Live race on the track before it.
As you unlock new tracks, pay special attention to their challenge level.
Each track has a rating that is determined by the difference between your Kick Force level and the recommended Kick Force level for the track.
lf you vvant to win, you'll need to upgrade your Kick Force skill as you unlock more challenging tracks.

Once you have mastered all of the tracks in a tier, you will be able to challenge the Champion to a Duel. if you can defeat the Champion in a series of one-on-one races, you will unlock the arena's next difficulty tier and win unique rewards.
But be careful! if you lose a race to the arena Champion and break your winning streak, you will have to wait a short time to re-challenge them from the beginning, or use Gems to continue!
Finally, new arenas are unlocked as you raise your player level, which can he done by earning Fame from both Live and League races.

Zlatan Legends Tip #2: League Mode.
In League mode, you will race against other players and collect trophies to prove you're the very best, and win some great rewards while you're at it!
Each season, you will be asked to qualify for your assigned division, which is determined by your performance in the previous season.
That qualifying race will create a GHOZT, which other players in your division will be able to challenge at any time.
Similarly, you will be able to spend League tickets to challenge other player's GHOZTs and collect trophies for defeating them. As an added bonus, during each season you've gualifiedfor, you will receive a bonus multiplier that increases based on your current division and will apply to your scores throughout the game--both in League mode, ond in Career mode.
How many trophies you collect will determine your placement on the division leaderboard and your rewards ot the end of the season.
But be careful! If you lose to a GHOZT, or another player defeats your GHOZT, you can also lose trophies!
Thankfully, you can alwoys replace your GHOZT and try to get a better time.
Each season you'll be able to replace your GHOZT for free twice, but after that you'll need to use gems!

Once you defeat a player's GHOZT, you won't be able to rechallenge that player right away.
To race with players you've already defeated. you'll have to move up to a new trophy tier by defeating all the players in your division, or by using gems to move into a new tier early.
New tiers, however, will only become available when enough time has passed since the beginning of the season, or when your division's leaderboard has been completely filled with players.
At the end of each season, there will be a short cooldown period while your trophies and rewards are calculated and, depending on your performance, you may be moved to a new division.
At the end of this period, your rewards will be automotically added to your account, so no need to cloirn them!
For the truly legendary players who become one of the top trophy earners in all instances of Division 1, you may be given the chance to join the exclusive Division Z, where only the top 100 players in the world compete!
But if Division Z is your goal, don't forget to compete in every season, because if you miss a season you'll always be demoted to a lower division when you return.

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