Adpocalypse Cheats: 5 Best Tips for More Views and Earnings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Adpocalypse by ProjectorGames for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Adpocalypse Tip #1: Ways to obtain Clone Youtube Streamers.
There are two ways to obtain Clone Youtube Streamers!
First is the drone delivery, it will deliver clone youtube streamers at a specific seconds depending on your upgrade level of the drone delivery. Higher drone delivery level makes the delivery more faster!
Second is buying the Clone Youtube Streamer! Unlike the drone delivery that doesn't cost anything but you only need to wait, buying clones costs youtube earnings but you will get clones immediately and ready to be merge with it's same clones.

Adpocalypse Tip #2: Buying Clone Youtube Streamers.
Buying Clone Youtube Streamers is the fastest way to increase your potential income or total views per second. But you should be careful on what clones you should spend your hard earned money.
There is a simple tip on what clones to buy for you to efficiently managed your money from buying those clones.
Look at your most expensive clone that you can readily buy at the clone shop.
The second most expensive should cost about half of the most expensive clone.
If it is below half, buy the second most expensive until the cost reaches about half of the cost of the most expensive clone.
Once you already reached the half of the cost, you can do it with other less expensive clones, just don't make their cost above half of their next expensive clones.

Adpocalypse Tip #3: Offline Views.
You can still earn money even if you are not active in the game. It will be labeled as a offline views.
Offline views are still the same with online views when it comes to money earned per second.
The only differences are you can doubled your offline views by watching an ad and Offline views have time limit.
Obviously, you should upgrade the time limit of your offline views as possible as you can.
We cannot obviously stay active in the game, so atleast you need to take a break from the game.
Having a higher time limit would make you earn more offline views depending on what time limit you have.
Once you already back in the game, you can double your earnings from offline views by watching an ads.

Adpocalypse Tip #4: Boosts.
There are two kinds of boost you can get! 2X boost and Delivery Boost.
2X Boost will doubles your money earned from online views. However it is limited to a 1 hour time span only!
Delivery Boost will deliver your clone youtube streamers at twice faster than the regular delivery.
Unfortunately, it only last 5 minutes and you need to watch an ad again for you to obtain the delivery boost again.

Adpocalypse Tip #5: Drama.
When you get enough celebrities together in a room, personality clashes will lead to friction. Friction leads to drama. Drama leads to views! Evolve 40 times to max out the bar, then tap the view bar for 2x views for 2 seconds.

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