Ark of War: Last Day Cheats: Quick Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Soldiers and Battle
The introduction of soldiers
There are four types of soldiers: infantry, cavalry, archer,chariot.  
Each type has 10 kinds of soldiers, each soldier has his own special skill, winning is not only depends on the number of troops, but also the cooperation of different soldiers always bring different results. Different tasks send different types, and different surprises can be harvested. Archons, be careful to use every soldier's advantage. By the way, if you designate hero when you attack others, will you be afraid?
The introduction of battle
In the game, you can fight against other players by 1v1, you and your allies can gather a strong team to attack the enemy. If you find that your Allies be attacked, you can send troops to help him against the enemy attack. Of course, upgrade the level of the Embassy and Hall of military to accommodate more reinforcements,gather more soldiers.

How to use “Alliance Combat Headquarters”?
“Alliance Combat Headquarters” is a building that built inside the city when the level of the base to 7.The building requires you join the alliance to show it’s effects, you can see all war situation about your allies,including their attack on the enemy or attacked by the enemy. And only own this building can you use more powerful rally capabilities.

How to build Police Box?
The Police Box only can be built in the empty place outside the base wall.
Press the empty place and slide to choose the Police Box to build it.
The Police Box can increase the number of single-trained troops and accelerate the speed of army training.

How to make defense Weapons?
Build a Transformation Factory in your base, click it and choose Build, select the type and quantity of defense Weapons that you want to build, and then click on Build to start construction.
Note upgrading Toy Transformation Factory can unlock more advanced defense Weapons.

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