Battle Eden: Girls Frontier Cheats: Activation Codes & 2 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Battle Eden: Girls Frontier / Zombie Girls by FENIXS for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Battle Eden: Girls Frontier  Tip #1: Resources.
Click on resources in the map of the world and select Occupy to dispatch soldiers to occupy the resources and then begin collecting resources.
It will take some time to gather resources.
After completion your troops will return to your base with resource.
The amount of which will be decided by your troops load capabase.

First, you need to move to richer resources area.
Second you can also ask your allies to clean the resources around your base, then it will be refreshed soon, otherwise it will need a long time.
Last, you could just attack other players to loot their resources.

Resource help means free resources assistance among alliance members.
After you joining one alliance and own “Market”,you can choose allies in the alliance members list or world map to send them unpaid resources.
Resources help is taxed and improve market level can reduce the proportion of revenue.
The resources will be transferred from the helper’s base to the base who is helped.
Use the alliance science “precious friendship” to increase the transfer speed.

Battle Eden: Girls Frontier  Tip #2: Gaining and Protecting Troops.
Build War Training Dojo, Shooter camp and Vehicle factory in the base. Tap and select 'Train'.
then select the type and quantity of soldiers you want in training interface and tap 'Train' to start training.
Upgrade War Training Dojo, Shooter Camp and Vehicle Factory to unlock advanced units.

You can use some props to completely stop people attacking your city (troops outside the city without protection).
If your collection troops are attacked, you can withdraw your troops.
Send your troops to ruins, can protect your troops for a long time.
Join an alliance, gathered in a region with others.
Build The Red Cross Clinic can also reduce losses troops.

When your city was attacked, the troops will be injured rather than die.
When the number of wounded troops is up to the maximum of the The Red Cross Clinic can hold, the troops will die.
When you send your army out to attack zombies, there are also small part of wounded troops go into The Red Cross Clinic.
The same as said before, if the The Red Cross Clinic is full, they will die directly.
Upgrade the The Red Cross Clinic and build more hospitals can make you decrease the battle loss.

●    Use the Peace Shield to avoid being attacked by others.
●    Use newbie teleport, random and advanced teleport to escape the enemy's continuous attack.
●    Join the most powerful alliance nearby to get protection.

Battle Eden: Girls Frontier / Zombie Girls Activation Code: newbiebe.

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