Boxing Fighting Clash Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Boxing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Boxing Fighting Clash by Imperium for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Boxing Fighting Clash Tip #1: Boxing Tips.
Every punch has his own damage, stamina cost and knockout potential.
A jab to the head for example cost not much energy, but also do not a lot of damage.
It is a great to collect hits and upload a special punch or combo.
In general the order of damage, stamina and k.o potential is: Jabs, Hooks and Uppercuts.
But it depends also with style, special abilities the fighter has.

Each punch cost stamina.
If you punch you stop the stamina regeneration.
If you are low on stamina your punches will do less damage.
You also reduce the maximum stamina by punching a bit.

Punches to the body reduce the stamina pool.
Special punches are most efficient, then combo punches and regular punches will still do a good job.
You regenerate your stamina pool between the rounds.

Press with two fingers on the screen to block or use the green block button.
Your block breaks after two hits.

You can dodge by pressing on the yellow button.
The dodge is active until you break it with an attack or block, you can avoid punches to the head.
It is a bit less effective than block, but can save you in critical moments.

Press the clinch button on the bottom right corner to enter into the clinch, there you can regenerate health and your body condition.

By hitting your opponent you decrease his body condition and it becomes red.
If a fighter gets a critical punch, he can just move and block.
A fighter in critical can be knocked out with 6 more punches, it does not matter how much life he has left.

Knock Out.
You can also get knocked out when you are in critical!
It does not matter how much life you have left! As more life you have, the bigger is the chance that you can get up again.

Gold & Silver.
After every fight you will get silver or gold, use it to improve your fighter.
Ability points, upgrading your move and training, will make your fighter stronger!

Boxing Fighting Clash Tip #2: Upgrading of Fighters.
You get ability points in the career or store. Apply them in the training sceen.
Training tickets can get purchased for experience points and  also used in the training scene.
Permanent Boost, Upgrade your total strength by 1%. Buy then in the store.
Note: Most common and important are ability points and training tickets. But later on permanent boost will give you a great value.

Fighters that you purchase will be stored in the club!
All purchased fighters progress faster than your fighter.
Purchased fighters can not be customized.
You can upgrade them and their moves to the final value.
When they reach their limitation you can use permanent boost to increase their complete value.

Special Abilities
Each fighter has his own fighting style and abilites. These are really strong and mainly change they way of fighting.
Your own fighter will unlock through the career 6 special abilities that you can choose.
They are seeable in all selection scenes.

You can buy for experience points new styles that have different combos and super punches.
These special punces and combos can be upgraded.


You can boost your current fighter in all selection scenes, by 1% for each boost up to a max of 10%.

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