Karl2 Cheats: Best Tips for Hidden Swords, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Karl2 by 222% for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

There is a break where you can not move your character if you have tried the shield simply in the izanagi and I have to restart the whole stadium

I got the first one better, then you have to add some of the first swords to the second

A great improvement in the first series in terms of gameplay and purpose, because now a game based on a stage, not a final victory game.

Some may be left off, others may like it. I liked both, and the design of the boss is actually just fine.

Now, you can actually BUY the sword, instead of calling on the properties of Shite reg, that's a great improvement, since now you can stop crushing your head in frustration with duplicates.

Probably, however, the coin is the main problem.

Before, in the 2-3 games, I can afford the highest speed sword, 1500 I forgot, and it is not an advertiser to increase the profits

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