Marvelous Monster Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Marvelous Monster by Raycreator Mobile for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Marvelous Monster Tip #1: Gameplay.
This guild is about playing early game with maximum benefits without PAYING CASH!

Keep going for next stage, don’t worry too much about getting “3-star” in each stage on early game. Story progress will unlock new feature and reward that help you power up your team faster.

Don’t do AFK play especially on an early game. Special skill helps a lot. Use them to help your Heroes for better result. This will save your stamina from failure and rematch.

Full team is 8 Heroes team. You may start with 3 after first tutorial end. But you can get more Hero easily with Main Mission which will give you a Summon stone as reward. Do it right, and you will have more than 10 heroes before reach level 7 or 10.

Do not hesitate to use “Sage Potion” to level up your Hero. Stocking this item is Wasting. Higher LV mean higher Battle Power and Easier to pass thru Story mode.Same for equipment, Maximum level for Equipment enchant is equal to your LV +10. Always enchant all equipped to max.

On PvP Raid, you will get random reward. It can be a “Spoil of War” that you can exchange it for another item. And it can be Potions, Upgrade resource, event a Fragment of Epic Hero.

Marvelous Monster Tip #2: Must Do Daily.

1.  Collect all Daily gifts. It’s free, why not?
a.  Event
(I).  Monthly login calendar
(II).  Noble title support gift
(III).  Treasure chest
b.  Online time gift

2.  Free Summon at tavern. For a chance to get better Hero.
a.  Arcane summon (every 48 hours)
b.  Mystic summon (collect 50 [Enchanted Spelt] from farm)

3.  Collect taxes. A basic way to get Gold.
a.  Tax will reach maximum in about 30 hours. But you can collect every hour if you want.
b.  Assign and collect extra tax from farmer 2 times a day (every 8 hours)

4.  Play “Coliseum” at least 5 times a day
a.  Collect [Battle token] from each fight. Token can exchange to many valuable item.
b.  Fastest way to get rare equipment or Mythic Hero
c.  Unlimited tower upgrade resource sale here

5.  Reset and Rush [Spiral tower] twice a day
a.  After you hit the floor that you can’t pass. Just reset and Rush for maximum reward for the day.

To complete all game’s feature, you need to be in Guild. Join your friend or create your own is not different, only 1,000 Diamond needed if you want to get yours.

First, you need to get pass the required Stage (Three hill 5) and the Guild hall will unlock. Here you can search for existing Guild to join.

Marvelous Monster Tip #3: Guild.
They are Minimum level requirement that each Guild set
Some Guild allow you to join directly if you are qualified and some other will accept you after you apply to join.

Send flower
You can send flower to 5 members a day
There are 3 choices which are different cost and reward. But basically, it grant you a Stamina in return.

Astral party
A party of 5 members. When join, your best Hero will registered as a team.
When the team is set. Result will automatic calculate and reward will send to your mailbox.
You can get only 1 reward per day, but still can help your member to complete this task by joining the team.

Guild shop
Special offer goods with a chance to be some rate item like Mythic Hero’s fragment.
An offer will reset every 24 hour or you can spend some Diamond to reset it.
Every time you reset the shop, there is a chance to get a discount of 20~50%. These chance increase with purchasing.

Guild dungeon
A dungeon with large amount of monster that you and other member have to get rid of it.
This dungeon grand your Guild a helpfully buff.
One member can challenge twice a day.
The dungeon will drop some Loot that member can register for the one their wish.

Worship Early gods
Worshiping gods grant you a point to unlock a chest that contain a Fragment needed for summon the gods.
You got 3 free Worship a day. Or do more with Diamonds.

Early gods Trial
By using a Fragment from Worshiping, you can summon the Gods to challenge.
When summoned, every member in your guild can attack.
Defeated God will drop a rare Fragment of Equipment of Epic or Mythic grade.
Guild battle
Guild vs Guild battle
More info will be update later

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