Mini Guns Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Mini Guns by Riposte Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Mini Guns Tip #1: Packages.
At the end of each match, there's a chance of a random Package dropping.
These are the same Packages you can buy in the Shop, with the same number of Minis inside!
When you get a Package Drop, you can do a few different things with it:

Open it immediately (at a discount from what it would normally cost in the Shop)
Put it in a slot to unlock (this will take some time - but when it opens, it opens for free!)
Discard it

The menu will give you the opportunity to instantly complete items you already have in a Slot for Gold, but there's no Discard option for items in Slots - so make sure you really want to commit to opening a pack before you put it in a Slot!

Mini Guns Tip #2: Minis.
New Mini types can be unlocked through leveling your existing Minis!
On each Faction's tab in the Armies screen, by scrolling to the right, you can see the silhouettes of the different Minis you're able to unlock, as well as what Mini you need to level up to unlock them!
Once a Mini is unlocked, it gets added to the list of Minis that can be found in your Strongbox and in the Shop.

Each Mini has a "cone" in which they can attack.
Each time they attack, the shot is fired within that cone.
If that cone includes areas where the Mini's attack will not hit an enemy, it's possible for the shot to be fired there, causing a miss.
This adds an element of gameplay.

Note that just because a shot missed it's intended target doesn't mean it can't hit something else, though - it's entirely possible a stray tank shell will hit your base!

Mini Guns Tip #3: Strongbox.
The Strongbox holds a bunch of Minis, but its meter needs to be filled in order to get to it!
Each Ranked match you complete will add progress to the meter, depending on how long the match took.
If you lost, you gain meter equal to the length of the match.
If you won, you gain a lot more meter progress - even if the match only lasted a few seconds!
When the meter completely fills up, it's Ready To Blow - go collect your new Minis!

The Strongbox will reset every 12 hours, and stacks up to two times.

Note that there are different kinds of Strongbox, containing different types of Minis - the rarer ones will take longer to fill the meter!

Mini Guns Tip #4: Honor.
Honor is how Alliances are judged against each other on the Leaderboards - more importantly, it's also used to unlock all sorts of cool new Perks that benefit everyone in the Alliance!
These perks can increase your First Win of the Day gold, up your Alliance Member/Lieutenant Capacity, and even gain you MORE Honor from winning 2v2 Ranked matches!
You gain Honor from winning 2v2 Ranked matches with your Alliance.

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