Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars~Battle of the NEETs~ by avex pictures Inc. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars Tip #1.
Don’t spend too many coins leveling up your 1-2 star units. Once you start getting 3-4 star units (silver and golden units, respectively) you’ll literally never touch your 1s and 2s again so it’s just wasted coins. Level them up only if you start losing rounds and you have no other units to help
SAVE UP FOR 10 ROLLS IN THE GACHAS!! I know 500 diamonds is a lot, but you are guaranteed at least 1 golden unit in a 10-roll, plus a bonus (listed in the box under the image; right now the bonuses are 40,000 coins per 10-roll). Single rolls have no guarantees and goldens are rarer to roll, so rolling 10 single rolls is likely to give you all silver units. Save up them diamonds, it’s worth it.

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars Tip #2.
Event gachas are where you’ll get the bulk of your silver units. When an event is ongoing, you’ll earn event tokens to spend in a gacha that’ll likely be labeled “Event” with a purple background. Generally, spending diamonds for the event units (in the gacha labeled “Request”) is a waste since event tokens are free but diamonds are premium currency. However, there’s no telling when or if the English version will re-release old events, and there is no currently running event, so use your own judgment there.

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars Tip #3
LEVEL UP YOUR AP SPEED FIRST. AP is so slow to build up at first, so this is both strategic and a personal time saver. It’s a bit easier to find when everything’s in English, but here’s the route to the upgrade page anyway:

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars Tip #4.
After AP speed, I’d recommend house cooldown (so units refresh faster), and after that is up to you. You shouldn’t need to worry about the house HP in the early stages, but don’t forget about it either!
When you collect 10 of the same unit, every one after that will turn into 1, 40, or 2000 golden oden (based on star level). Chibita sells upgrades to your max health, number of teams, and NEET room size, as well as Chibita-shop-exclusive golden sets for golden oden. Tap Chibita a bunch to unlock higher-tier upgrades.

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars Tip #5.
Your Job Office Temp Work “motivation points” are equal to the number of individual units you have. I’d recommend ignoring Temp Work until you have at least 50 units, because the jobs never expire if you don’t take them and if you don’t send out the max requested units you’re much more likely to fail. (Or go and purposefully fail Iyami’s crappy jobs to clear them out of your queue, you should never be hard-up for a measly 66 or 300 coins when you have enough units to pass his jobs). The jobs that take the lowest number of units are the 1-hour jobs with 50 units; Matsuyo’s multi-day jobs can range from 50 to 300 units.

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars Tip #6.
DEFINITELY don’t do diamond Temp Work jobs until you can send out the requested number - in the Japanese version, diamond jobs have become so rare that many people haven’t seen any in months. There’s no way to know yet if the English version is the same, but best to err of the side of caution with those precious diamonds! (I believe everyone starts with 2 diamond Totoko jobs, so don’t let that trick you into thinking they’re common!)

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