Planet Gold Rush Cheats: Quick Tips for Buildins, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Planet Gold Rush by Truly Social Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Claim Office
The Claim Offices administrates and manages everything happening on your claim!
Each upgrade of the Claim Office unlocks new building(s) you can construct an the Home Claim.

Worker Lodge
The simplest but essential building at your
Home Claim. If all your workers are busy, you can complete their tasks immediately with paying gold.

You need some place to hold all the items you've collected - use the Warehouse to keep stuff organised. The building has limited capacity.

Stock Pile
You think you can find only dirt here, don't you?
But it's full of gold! Be sure that your Stock Piles are not overloaded or empty (which is even worse!).

Gold Storage
Don‘! want to lose a single coin?
You're in the right spot! If you need free space in your Storage, you can either spend gold or upgrade the building.

Power Unit
You say ‘Energy!’ - We say ‘Power Unit!’
Each Power Unit has a certain 'Power' radius. Power Units are non-upgradahle, but you can build new ones.

Need Gold Bars to conquer Leaderhoards?
You're in the right spot! Take your Gold Nuggets, smelt them all, get Bars and come first.

Research Lab
All the crazy scientific stuff takes place here!
Perform researches and upgrade your buildings in the Lab (with some special sorcery, of course).

Power Station
Power up your Claim! The Power Station is your main source of energy.
Each upgrade of the Power Station increases the number of Power Units it supplies.

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