Questland Cheats: Secret Codes & 7 Best Tips for Quests, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Questland by Gamesture for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Questland Tip #1: Items.
You can evaluate how good gear (that's how we call items that are worn by hero) is by looking (in this order) at its quality (legendary = best). potential {higher = better), bonuses ancl proportions between statistics.
Generally. it ls a good Idea to match gear with bonuses Increasing the same statistics.
If you have doubts. you can always check out other players‘ gear, especially those in the highest Arena League. Do it. by simply tapping on player's character, and voila - you can see their gear, bonuses and statistics.

You can get Gear from chests, Crafts and Events.
You can also gather parts and combine tem into a gear piece.
You can get new parts in: Events, Trade Shop. item Shop and liampaign.

Questland Tip #2: Getting Powerful.
Depends on how developed your character is.
First you should change gear to Legendary quality and make sure it is upgraded to the maximum possible level Same thing goes for the orbs - legendary orbs are far superior to lower qualities.
Next step is activating Bonuses ofthe gear worn by your hero.
Remember that it will work better, if you wear gear with bonuses increasing the same statistics
Another good way to add statistics is Reforge - especially, when combined with Bonuses (Bonuses work on reforge stats!)

Questland Tip #3: Getting Energy.
By using Energy Stews - if you don't have any.
You probably can get some from Trade Shop, Crafts. Events and Special Offers.
Twice a day there‘s Free stew at the Tavern. each adds 10 energy points.
Also you can purchase 30 energy points for gems (limited daily amount) and, once a day, for watching a video ad.

Questland Tip #4: Eternium.
First of all remember. that you can Divide gear you no longer use.
Dividing will get you back most of the currencies used on gear upgrade.
If you still need more, you can get it for participating in a Campaign [the further location, the more eterniurn) or purchase it In Premium or Trade Shop.

Questland Tip #5: Quests.
Quests are assignments given to hero by NPCs.
They lead the character through the game and allow valuable prizes to he won.
New quests are available after finishing the required quest, unlocking locations or reaching certain levels in the game.
Each quest can only be done once.
Given quest prizes must be claimed: they are not added automatically.

Completing as many quest as possible is the best way to earn experience quickly.
In case you are suck at a campaign, you can try to complete quests located in previous locations.

Questland Tip #6: Daily Tasks.
Completing daily tasks is rewarded with points.
The number of points for each task can be seen in the task description.
Reaching a required number oftask points is rewarded with prizes.
Tasks are reloaded daily. at 3am UTC.

Questland Tip #7: Earn Gems.
Earn Gems are specific game goals. Reaching them is rewarded with Gems.
After reaching one goal and claiming the reward, a new goal appears - with more complex task and better prizes.
The goals differ in objective. difficulty and reward.

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