Space City Cheats: 4 Best Tips for City, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Space City by Sphere Game Studios for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Space City Tip #1: Buildings.
Creating your perfect city is a lot more than just placing buildings randomly.... after all, real towns and cities are not created that way.

Happiness is the measure of a great city and keeping your city happiness high is your most important priority. High city happiness will increase residents, increase jobs and increase your income.

Each building has a happiness value and this is based upon the surrounding buildings, the area it is placed in and what level of city services it has. Experiment with different layouts to find the most optimal city design.

Most buildings will reduce city happiness, add pollution and consume water, electricity, oxygen and trash. To counter this add community buildings, trees, decorations and utilities as your city grows.

Buildings are happiest when they have police, fire, education, health and trash coverage. The higher the coverage the larger the happiness boost they will receive. Press the STATS button on the building info screen to see how much coverage that building has and what it is lacking.

If a buildings houses 10 people or provides 10 jobs this is its standard amount. It can be more or less than this depending on the building's happiness. For example, really happy buildings can more than double their capacity.

Buildings can be upgraded to level 10. Upgrading buildings increases their residential capacity, employment or happiness (depending on the building type). Upgrading buildings will not only affect the building you are upgrading and it can also affect the surrounding buildings too.

Buildings that cost gold to purchase will provide much more population or employment or happiness than buildings that cost cash. They also have free upgrades and place much lower demands on city services than normal buildings.

The best cities will apply zoning techniques to move pollution away from residential areas and commercial areas.

Space City Tip #2: Different Kinds of Buildings.

Residential buildings provide housing for the people living in your city. Residential buildings are greatly affected by pollution and they should not be placed near commercial and industrial buildings. Try and keep residential buildings together and surround them wih trees and parks for maximum happiness.

Commercial buildings provide (medium density) jobs for your residents. Commercial buildings are mildly affected by pollution but should still be kept separate from industrial buildings. Commercial yields are lower than industrial but they will yield quicker. The higher the commercial building happiness the greater the payout.

Industrial buildings provide (high density) jobs for your residents. Industrial buildings are not affected by pollution and should be placed with other industrial buildings. Industrial buildings provide food and resources for your city. Resources are stored in your Administration building and can be sold on the global exchange or stored for the construction of higher level buildings.

Community buildings provide (low density) jobs for your residents and boost happiness for surrounding buildings. Community buildings are only mildly affected by pollution and can be placed anywhere. Community employment adds to your commercial employment.

Utility buildings provide (low density) jobs for your residents and provide your city with much needed water, power oxygen and trash supplies. Utility buildings are not affected by pollution and should be placed with other industrial buildings. Some power stations are massively polluting and should be separated from the rest of your city. Utility employment adds to your industrial employment.

Trees & Decorations
Decorations provide a boost for both happiness and ecology. Increase city happiness by liberally decorating your city with as many parks and trees as you can. Neutralise pollution by placing lots of trees.

Transportation is key to keeping your city happy by taking the load of your road network. This will not only reduce pollution but increase city happiness to. Build a monorail network to efficiently move residents around your city. Airports and spaceports move people in and out of your thriving city. Airports must have a least 3 squares of runway to function.

Space City Tip #3: Buildings Area of Effect.

All buildings have an "area of effect" and affect the buildings around them. Buildings with high pollution will negatively affect the surrounding buildings whereas decorations and community buildings will positively affect the surrounding buildings.

Upgrading city services increases it's area of effect. The coverage area increases one tile in each direction for every two levels of upgrade. A level 10 building will cover 4x the area of an standard building.

Space City Tip #4: City Needs.

The RCI bar will show you the current demands of your city. The larger the bar (to the right) the higher the need. In this example, residential (green
residential (green) and industrial (yellow) are in demand but commercial (blue) is not. If a bar swings left it means you really have too much of that building type.

If you tap the RCI bar the game will show you the city analytics screen. This screen shows more indepth information on the various aspects of your city. Tapping on the i button on the main screen will give more detailed help and advice from your city advisors.

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