The Great Ruler Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Fighting, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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The Great Ruler Game by Ling Jiang for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The Great Ruler Tip #1: Prison & Evolver Monument.
A. You captures enemy's Evolver if she/he participated in this battle which you just won. (Both player's base reach Lv.6) You can find enemy's Evolver in your Prison.
B. Enemy's Evolver will be imprisoned for 72 hours. You can thrash your feud, or just release her/him for peace. You may also EXECUTE your prisoners in the last hours.
C. Enemy's Evolver will return to her/his own base after being released, alone and almost naked. All players in this fort could see this poor Evolver.
D. Evolver loses all her/his buff in prison.
E. Release of Evolver:
     a : You can initiatively release a Evolver in the prison.
     b : Prisoner will be release automatically when prison time counts to 0.
     c : All prisoners will be released when your defense is lost.
F. Execution of Commanders:
    a : Her/his base reaches lv.10
    b : Her/his game client ver. allows Evolver Monument (Ver. 1.0.30 or higher).
G. After an execution, your Commander dies. You can revive your Commander in Clone Lab. All his buff will re-active after revival
H. More features including commander rescue mission and commander equipment is coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Great Ruler Tip #2: Outpost.
●    To build an Outpost needs reach the demands in Activate menu.
●    The alliance leader and R4,R3 members can place, build and take back the Outpost.
●    The essential stone can be donated by alliance members.
●    The building speed is related to the amount and level of the soldiers. The Outpost can be garrisoned, built and repaired only by one member.
●    The Outpost will be attacked by others; the defeated Outpost will be destroyed consecutively. If the Outpost defense reduces to 0, it will be automatically taken back.
●    There is no wounded troops but dead troops in the Outpost battle.
●    When the Outpost is destroyed or taken back,Alliance Territory of this Outpost will be taken back as well.

The Great Ruler Tip #3: Alliance Fort.
●    To build an Alliance Fort needs reach the demands in Activate menu.
●    The alliance leader and R4 members can place and build the Alliance Fort.
●    Alliance members can donate stones for building demands and build the Alliance Fort together.
●    The building speed is related to the amount and level of the soldiers. The maximum amount of soldiers who can garrison, build and repair the Alliance Fort is depending on the first entered ally’s maximum marching troops plus the maximum rallied troops in the Headquarters.
●    The Alliance Fort will be attacked by others; the defeated fort will be destroyed consecutively. If defense reduces to 0, the Alliance Fort will be automatically taken back.
●     when the Alliance Fort is destroyed, the surrounding Alliance territory is no longer effective and all the Alliance buildings will be taken back as well.
●     Troops will enter the hospital when the battle occurred within your Alliance Center.
       Troops will die when the wounded reached hospital's Max capacity.But, if the battle occurs in Outpost, then troops from both side will die.

The Great Ruler Tip #4: Alliance Resources and Alliance Station resource points.
●    Create Alliance Resources station needs to meet the conditions to open the menu.
●    Chief, R4 members can be placed, construction and resource recovery Union Station.
●    Fighting, construction, repair, demolition and other rules of Union Station with resources outpost identical. Create Alliance Resources Alliance Resources point need to build the station, and only within the territory of the Union Station resources to build alliances resource points.
●    Alliance Resources Alliance Resources point inside the station are protected during the guard, the point can not be anything else Alliance Resources Alliance players attack acquisition. Alliance Resources station building value falls below a certain value or removal station coalition of resources, protection of state resources league points will be checked.
●    Unprotected Union resources point becomes a normal resource points, it can attack other players, collecting.

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