Digimon Links Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Digimon Links by Bandai Namco for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Digimon Links Tip #1: The Colosseum.
A place for battling in real time with other users.
It costs Stamina to battle in the Colosseum, but you can battle up to 3 times a day for free.
* Your number of free battles resets daily at 5:00.

There are two types of Colosseum: VS Battles, which are matched randomly by rank, and Mock Battles, where you can have fun sparring with friends or any one whose user code you input in VS Battles. You'll spend a lot of Stamina, but earn a lot of BP (Battles Points) when you win. Start with VS Battle on the right.

Also, to enter the Colosseum, you'll need to form a Colosseum Party of six Digimon.
However, you can only use three digimon in battle, so after being matched, you'll need to choose which to use in the battle member selection screen.

* BP (Battle Points are points that can be traded for items in the Exchange.
* The DP (Duel Points) earned are the same in left and right hand VS Battles.

Digimon Links Tip #2: DP and Ranks.
DP stands for Duel Points, which can be earned by winning in the Colosseum

Also a rank is awarded to players according to the number of DP earned each month. and prizes can be earned by achieving certain ranks.
‘ For more about Ranking, look in Help under Colueseum in the Menthly Ranking and Interim Ranking sections.
' Losing battles will net affect your DP.

Your rank will go up depending en your total number oi victories and will Increase the amount of DP you can earn
You will also be matched with opponents according to rank.

Conditions for Change
After fighting 30+ battles, winning with a ratio of Over 75%
After fighting 30+ battles, losing with a win rate of over 25% or not participating in at least 5 battles within the ranking period by the final calculation.

Digimon Links Tip #3: Winning and Losing.

In order to win, you must reduce the HP of all 3 of your opponent's Digimon to 0 within 20 rounds.

If the battle takes more than 20 rounds, victory In decided according to the following conditions:
1. The winner in the player whose remaining Dlgimon have the highest total remaining HP
2. if [1] produce equal totals, the winner is the player whose remaining Digimon have the highest total remaining. HP compared to the total HP of all 3 of their Digimon
3. If the match cannot be decided [2], the winner is the player with the most remaining Digimon.

If none of these rules can decide the match, it will be decided by predetermined conditions.
If a battle is interrupted by a lost connection and cannot be resumed within the time limit, it will be counted as a defeat, so please enjoy Digimon links in an area with good recepion.

Digimon Links Tip #4: Co-Op Features.

You can join a group of up to 3 other users to go on Quests

The details of Co-Op battles are as follows.

In Co-Op battles, the AP required to use Skillcan be pooled in a joint AP pool of up to 16 AP
Occasionally, allies or enemies may randomly attack each other by accident
The more players in your party, the more prizes you'll earn when clearing a Quest compared to clearing it solo
In a Co-Op battle, you can still perform individual revivals
Continues can only be performed by the Owner within 10 seconds
Only the Owner can Retire or double the battle speed

Stamps are inteded for use as a communication tool during Co-Op Battles.
Put them to good use and seize the upper hand in battle.

Digimon Links Tip #5: Co-Op Battles.

There are two ways ot participating in a Co-Op battle. as explained below.
- How to participate in a Co-Op battle as the Owner when going on a Quest, select the Co-Op button and confirm your party.
Next, decide on a recruitment method and watt for other users to come on the Quest urith you.
You can also recruit Members for your Quest in any chat groups you're in.
On the Member recruitment screen, tap the chat icon on the upper left to go to the recruitment screen.

When 3 users participate, each user chooses one Digimon to go on the Quest.
When 2 users participate. the Owner can choose the Leader Digimon and a second Digimon.
The Leader Digimon can be changed, but the second Digimon in your selected party will be selected as your second Digimon.

- How to participate in a co-op battle as a Member
You can either participate by setecting a Quest you want to join from the Recruitment Board or by responding to a Co-Op Request tn Digichat.
The Recruitment Board shows requests from all general users, while Co-Op Requests in DigiChat are sent from friends.
There is no difference in the prizes to be earned, regardles of the method you choose, so go on whatever Quests you like.
When you Join a Quest, you'll be taken to the Co-Op standby screen and can swap out your Digimon in the some way as in Party Formation. 
Be sure to pick the best Digimon for the job! when you're ready, press the Prep Complete button, and the battle will begin when all users are ready.