Ever Battle 2 Cheats: 4 Best Tips & Gift Codes for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Ever Battle 2 by Gamecaff LTD for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

EverBattle 2 Tip #1: Renegade Camps.
Renegade Camps are neutral armies spawned on the World Map.
To be able to attack higher-level Renegade Camps, you must first defeat the lower-level Renegade Camps (ex. You must defeat a Level-1 Renegade Camp before you can attack a Level-2 Renegade Camp).
From defeating a Renegade Camp, you will receive experience or resources (ex. Vouchers or items) and experience for your Commander.

EverBattle 2 Tip #2: Commanders.
In order to send out an Army on the World Map, you must send a Commander to lead it.
There are 5 unique Commanders, each with their own class, special units and skills.
Using the right Commander for the right task is essential for success. Commanders can unlock new skills, increase the efficiency of their current skills, increase the base stats of their units (HP and damage) or get rewards (Vouchers, Items, Chests).

EverBattle 2 Tip #3: Power-Ups.
These are consumables used by your Commanders in battle.
You can produce and upgrade Power-Ups in the Power-Up Factory.
Each Commander can equip one type of power-up.
Every power-up gains an additional percentage of bonus damage from the Strength of the army your Commander is leading. The more powerful the army, the more damage your power-up will do.
Every power-up has its own cooldown time before it can be used again after launching it.
Currently, the available power-ups in the game are: Precision Strike, Bombardment, Cluster Bomb, Chem Bomb, and Orbital Array.

EverBattle 2 Tip #4: What happens if an allied army has the same Power-Ups as mine?
In the case when two allied armies are fighting an enemy army, and they both have the same power-up equipped, instead of showing both power-ups launching, the two power-ups become one and the damage is combined from both power-ups.
If an allied army enters a fight that's already started and the two allied armies have the same power-up equipped, but the first army already launched it, the second army must wait before it can use the same power-up.

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