Sara's Cooking Party Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Parties, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sara's Cooking Party by Spil Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Sara's Cooking Party Tip #1: Cooking.
There are a few ways to start cooking: by throwing a dinner party, by tapping on the “start a party” button or while selecting a recipe by tapping on the “recipe” button on your tablet.

For a dinner party, you begin by inviting people from around the neighborhood. Then you need to select dishes, choose the desired food bags and then you’re ready to cook! When choosing a dish, keep in mind that your guests might have specific food preferences. Some are definitely more picky than others!

You can also start your recipe without guests to increase your Dish Mastery. It’s a good way to practice the dish as well, but you do not receive any rewards. This can only be done by throwing a dinner party.

You can use your diamonds to skip a passive action. Sometimes you’re even able to watch an ad to eliminate the time you still have while waiting for the passive mini-game to finish.

Sara's Cooking Party Tip #2: Recipes.
This can be done by collecting enough tips from your guests. Throwing successful dinner parties will reward you with tips for new recipes. When you have collected enough tips for the same recipe, you will have access to a new, and very delicious, one!

You’ll level up by getting more followers. When you level up, you might unlock new cuisines. You can see the amount of followers you need for your next unlockable cuisine in the dish screen.

Right before you start cooking a specific recipe, once selected. You can access it on the tablet by clicking the “recipe” button. When selecting a dish from the dish screen, you can also view the real recipe by clicking on the “i” icon in the top, right corner.

Sara's Cooking Party Tip #3: Food Bags.
Food bags contain your ingredients and are used to make a dish. Before starting a recipe, you need to choose which bag you want to use. You can earn them from rewards or you can buy them with your diamonds/coins to get bonuses on your Dish Score. You may also get food bags as a reward from your guests after throwing a successful dinner party.

There are a few types of food bags: the Mass Discount Bag, the Food Plaza Bag with a small Dish Score booster and the Uptown Bag with a higher Dish Score bonus! Not only do they give your score a boost, they’ll also improve your Dish Mastery!

You can also watch an ad to earn a free mystery bag, but you can only do this a few times each day.

You can purchase those when you start cooking a recipe. Simply press the “+” next to the bags.

They will help you earn a better Dish Score or reach a certain food preference with your guests. Not only do they boost your score, they’ll also improve your Dish Mastery.

Sara's Cooking Party Tip #4: Dinner Party.
Go to your tablet and select “start a party.” If possible, it’s advisable to check the food preferences of the people in the guest list. Then select which guests you would like to invite, choose the dishes and start cooking. When you’re ready, serve the dinner to impress your guests!

You’ll always get more followers and coins. When you fulfill the guests’ food preferences, you will be rewarded with diamonds, tips and food bags.

You can unlock more dish slots once you have reached a certain level. When you reach Level 3, you can cook more than one dish for your guests. You will also have to obtain the extra dish slot for the party.

At certain player levels you can unlock the option to buy a new dish slot. For example, by Level 3, you’ll receive a second dish slot.

You can unlock an extra slot when you have reached Level 4. Once you have unlocked the new slot, you need to purchase the seat for the new quest. The more people, the bigger and better the party!

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