Storm Front 1944 Cheats: Gift Codes & 6 Best Tips for Toons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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StormFront 1944 by Gaea Mobile Limited for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

United States: Fierce and Furious
Entering the war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. the fierceness of troops along with abundant resources led to it fighting an 2 fronts.
Starting Elite Troop: Torch Excels at attracting enemy fire and covering friendlies.

German Reich: Iron Tempest.
The initiator of World War ll. Germany began to nq uering other countries throughout Europe at amazing speed.
Starting Elite Troop; Mountain Troop. Warrior of Edelweiss -They fear nothing. charging
headlong into battle with the ability to heal themselves.

Soviet Union: Long-Range Strike
The Soviet Union entered the war in order to defend their land against the German Reich
They led the Eastern front with their strong land force.
Starting Elite Troop; Katyusha - Massive strikes from afar with long-range missiles!

China: Unending Resolve
Known for the brutal defense of their homeland.
China fought hard using many tactics to take back their homeland.
Starting Elite Troop; Mortar Crew - Master of mid to long range bombardment.

United Kingdom: Unyielding Will.
One of the few European countries that did not succumb to the German Reich. their island
defenses and fierce. resolute troops made them one of the strongest nations during the war.
Starting Elite Troop; Parachute Artillery -They are highly mobile and well versed in “shoot
and scoot" tactics.

Japan: Warrior Spirit.
The lirnited resources of the tiny island nation let to its aggressive expansion throughout
Asia. Its soldiers fought tooth and nail for every inch in honor of their emperor.
Starting Elite Troop; Type 95 Battalion Gun -Their fast rate of fire against a single target are
infantries worst nightmare.

Alliance War Guide.
Secure more points in the fierce Alliance War to claim victory!
Your Alliance will receive spoils and Alliance Points upon winning the battle and get even more rewards if you‘re the attacker.
The loser will also get some spoils. In case of a tie, both Alliances will only get part of the spoils.

You can adjust your base defense in preparation stage

Alliance members can seize Strongholds to gain points and energy in battle - strategy matters! Alliance War
doesnt affect your Trophy count.

Upon finishing an Alliance War. spoils will be sent to your Alliance Garrison together with Alliance Points if you won.
You can view battle result and watch replay afterwards for a limited time.

Storm Front 1944 Redeem a Gift Code: SF1944