Tiny Witch Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tiny Witch Clicker : Brew Potions & Live Forever by Mindstorm Studios for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tiny Witch Tip #1: Gameplay.
Tap & Summon:
Tap the grey highlighted area which contains the image of the witch hat, just above menu icons, with as many fingers as possible to summon the witches.

The faster the tapping, the more witches are summoned.

Ruff (the dragon) rushes them to their habitat, where they brew a variety of potions. Crates and trolleys carry the potions out to the main train station from where they are transported to the market and Gold coins are earned in return.

 Tip> Make sure to increase the summoning rate and the capacity of each habitat on the coven, by performing the related regular and premium spells.

Tiny Witch Tip #2: Habitats.
Habitats are the caves where the witches rush off to brew the potions. A maximum of four habitats that can be put up in the coven.

As the maximum capacity is reached on the habitat, an upgrade notification appears. Click on the notification or directly click on one of the habitats to upgrade it to the next level.

Bigger the Habitat > More the Witches > Faster the Brewing > Speedy the Earning ­čśë

So make sure to increase the capacity of the habitat by upgrading it or performing the relevant regular and premium spells. (Ghostly Renovations, In-House Summons etc)

The speed of the witches can also be increased by performing relevant spells. (Well Fed Witches etc.)

 TIP> Reduce the cost of the habitat and researches to 50% by buying the permits from the shop.

Tiny Witch Tip #3: Gold Coins.
Yes its Gold!! But it is the basic game commodity and must be spent smartly in order to multiply that stash of Gold Coins.

To set up an ideal coven, the habitats need to be upgraded so more witches can brew more potions.

More train wagons need to be hired so more potions can be carried off to the market and potion tanks must be added, to store more potion.

The Gold Coins can help in all these things. Not to forget, the SPELLS!!!

The more Gold Coins spent on Spells, the faster the earnings grow!

So, Lets get brewing !

Tip>Tap that Bat to get a surprise gift drop!

Tiny Witch Tip #4: Potions.

The minerals are carried to the train station from the habitat, by the magical crates. The train transports them to the market from the train station and Gold Coins are earned in return.

At the start, a maximum of four wagons can be hired on the train. More wagons can be added by performing the relevant regular researches. (Wagon Hitching etc)

The Gold Coins are only earned by transporting minerals on the train. So make sure to hire more wagons and increase their capacity through the researches.

TIP> Reduce the costs of vehicles to 50% by buying the vehicle permit from the shop.

Tiny Witch Tip #5: Potion Value, Net worth and Life time Earning.
Potion Value is the amount earned by selling one potion in the market. This value is written under the each potion in the upgrade section of the main menu. This value can be increased by performing the relevant regular spells (Potion Authentifier etc.). This increased value is shown in the stats section of the main menu.

The net worth depends on the potion value and the overall size of the coven. To build a new coven, the net worth of the current coven needs to be increased.

Lifetime earnings show the total Gold Coins earned since the start of the game. The prestige bonus is calculated on the basis of this value.

Tiny Witch Tip #6: Charms.
Charms can be used to make FASTER PROGRESS!

There are following "charms" available in the game and you can initiate any one by using the Red diamonds:

Witchy Rush
Summon unlimited witches for 30 seconds

Pheonix Rush
Greater number of birds for 30 seconds.

Spin the wheel
Multiply (x2, x3, x4, x8) your earning for a certain time, by watching an ad.

Warp 1 Hour
Skip one hour of waiting and get the equivalent earnings in a second

Warp 4 Hour
Skip four hour of waiting and get the equivalent earnings in a second

Extended Hour
Skip eight hours of waiting and get the equivalent earnings in a second

Tiny Witch Tip #7: What happens to my coven when I am away?
The Potion Tanks are in the game to keep your coven running when you are away.

Two tanks can be set up in the coven using the Gold Coins. In order to increase the number of tanks, a STANDARD PERMIT can be bought that allows a maximum of 10 TANKS in the coven. Meaning, continuous brewing and more gold coins while you are away.

 Tip > Premium spells (On-site Storage Capacity On-site Storage Quality) help increase the efficiency of the Tanks.

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