Father.IO Cheats: Quick Tips for AR FPS, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Father.IO AR FPS by Proxy42 Inc for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Bad Medic and one of our classs with hacker attack in Father.IO is fantastic, if fighting excitement you are superior to superior forces with a military, more devastating than average. Not satisfied, but it looks like the highest class course for the first army

"Medicine Medicine is one of our most advanced courses with hackers. Medikks are often admired and attracted to the education they revived their colleagues in the quick and widespread war the opposite. Unconfirmed but it takes several classes in the first class Is the thief

Hacker is one of our advanced courses with the nature and Medic already hackers fight enemies and convert huge amounts of resources to your group. They force them to drive against their enemies. Hackers give away their unbearable hands without changing their style, but it looks like the classroom expert.

Spirits rule in the plan. Instructions are only available on the date of the Ghost Class if it is the difference between the students and the military. It will appear that the boys are called "demons" who can not see the enemy commanders on the scene of the cyber battlefield battlefield. It will be very good for an excellent protection to capture the flag scenarios

The course of the title has been described in the goal. Data mining is available for the date of the jammer class if there is a combination of hackers and firing classes. It will appear that with a class called "jammers" You can block the enemy commanders to access the location of the cyberattack battlefield. It would be appropriate to place the strike against terrorism. "

Hope this helps you.