Wonder 5 Masters R Cheats: Codes & 9 Best Tips for Masters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Wonder 5 Masters Reboot by Jellyoasis Inc. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Is a mobile role-playing game with the skill-dragging system. Collect heroes and form strategic parties to destroy your enemies! Upgrade equipment and skills to make them formidable heroes and help you in your adventure! Feel the thrill of the Arena and climb up the ranks.

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #1: Heroes and Equipment.
Chaldean is where the Fortune Teller lives.
Fortune Teller Mansion will help you with your Hero and Equipment summons.
1. Heroes – you can summon Heroes by using Gems and Key: Hero Summon.
2. Equipment – you can summon Grade D-S Equipment randomly through the use of Gems and Key: Equipment Summon.
3. Advanced – you can summon Advancement Materials such as Hero Summon Stones, Enhancement Materials, Spirit Stones and EXP Potions once every 45 hours with the use of Golds.
4. Normal – you can summon various materials such as Hero Summon Stones, D Equipment Chest, etc. for 5 times a day with the use of Friendship Points.

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #2: Special Mission.
Complete each set of missions that will guide you throughout the game and earn rewards!
There are different levels in Special Missions. In each level, you will complete several missions where you can get a variety of rewards. Complete all missions to proceed to the next level!

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #3: Guilds.
The required level to create or join a Guild is level 25.
If you already have a Guild, you will see from here the list of Guild members.
1. Guild War – Guild Members will form two parties to fight against an opponent Guild. Participation in Guild War is held automatically and matchmaking is based on the league you are in. You will receive rewards when you win the war.

2. Maze – This where you and your Guild’s honor will be tested. Challenge and defeat the Great Guardian to obtain Guild Honor and Gold. Rewards increases depending on the floor level.

3. Guild Skill – Displays the Guild Skill and Guild Score. The Guild Skills are all Passive Skills that will help your Guild to become more powerful.

4. Guild Mission – Acquire rewards by completing Guild Missions with your Guild members.

5. Shop – Purchase Items using Guild Points.
Guild Shop
1. You can use the Guild Points to purchase advanced items in the Guild Shop.

2. You can “Refresh” the available items. Refreshing the Guild Shop list requires a certain amount of Guild Points.

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #4: Adventure.
Going on an Adventure will have you face evil monsters that have special items which can help you. It requires Energy to enter. You can also ask help from your Friend List.
Battle Entry Screen
1. These are the items that you can acquire.

2. These are the monsters that you will face in battles

3. Items you can use during battles.

4. Combat Power of your team and the recommended Combat Power on the selected mission.

5. Heroes in your party that are ready for battle.

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #5: World Map.
There are 2 types of difficulties, Normal and Hard. Each type has different levels.
1. Normal – There are 12 chapters, each chapter has 10 stages.

2. Hard – There are 6 chapters, each chapter has 10 stages. Required level for this difficulty is level 30 or higher.

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #6: War of Honor.
The War of Honor is where you can enter the Arena. This is the place where you can fight against other Player’s Parties and participate in Tournaments. The required level to enter Arena is level 10 or above.

You can earn various rewards based on your rank and it will be sent to your mailbox. You can fight for free up to 5 times per day. You can also purchase entry tickets for re-entering Arena.

1. Displays your Information such as Rank, Combat Power and the number of wins and losses.
2. Displays other Players’ information such as current level and Combat Power.
3. Arena Shop – you can purchase a variety of items using Arena Points.

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #7: Arena Shop.
1. Display the Arena Points you’ve acquired
2. Refresh the items. Every Refresh requires Arena Points

Ancient Dungeon
In this Dungeon, you will be facing mysterious monsters. There are 2 Dungeons available. Each Dungeon has a required level to enter.

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #8: Ancient Dungeon.

The required level to enter Ancient Dungeon is level 15 and can be entered 5 times a day. You can acquire Advancement Materials for each class in this dungeon. Since all Dungeons are available every Sunday, you will be able to explore all the Ancient Dungeons during this day.

There are 6 difficulties for each Ancient Dungeon and each requires a certain Level. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you can get.

1. Ancient Dungeon schedule.

2. Difficulty level

Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Tip #9: Gold Dungeon.

In this Dungeon, you can acquire Golds and Treasures. You can sell the Treasure you found in your Bag Menu. The required level for this Dungeon is level 10 or above.

To explore Gold Dungeon, you will need Pickaxes. You can store up to 10 Pickaxes, and 1 Pickaxe will recharge every 20 minutes. You can also purchase Pickaxe using Gems.

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