Big Fish King Cheats: Coupon Codes & 3 Best Tips for Fishing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Big Fish King by Lyto Mobi Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Big Fish King Tip #1: Baiting.

There are various points in A, B and C for each output location.
A, B, C Select the point you want to capture from the points.

The information and ranking rank, about water depth, water plant can be seen in fishing screen.
Participating in ranking competition will gives high rewards depending on the rank!

Green triangle on the surface is the casting point.
Casting point is displayed on the water surface by the number of fishing rods.

The key to carp fishing is point attack.
You can attack your own points with the point change button.
Press the point change button once.

The attack timing probability is a probability that determines the time interval in the landing attack.
The higher the probability, the more likely the time interval will change.

The bait selection screen display all the baits in my bag.
In carp fishing, earthworm bait always leads quick-bite.

If the level goes up, up to 6 lots of fishing rods can be deployed.
While waiting for the bite, let's clean nearby.
For fisher, important manners is important and need to leave good environment for our descendants.
While waiting for bite if you see some garbage, please touch and clean it!

Big Fish King Tip #2: Catching a Fish and Fish Ponds.

When you clean the garbage, you will earn eco points as rewards.
Eco point equipment can be obtained for free at the eco shop.

Does float move slightly?
This is called Biting which the carp is searching for bait.
If you get Biting, you will see an exclamation point in the center of the screen, which is very visible.

If you touch float, you can see that enlarged so that you can see the movement of the carp in detail.

Fishers get excited by seeing the Chemi shining brightly.
Watch the steadily ascending float and when the float stops, you just have to touch hook set button.
I do this way, after float stops, I count one two hook set like this.

You must know the landing method correctly to catch the big fish,
Landing has time limit. Exceeding the time limit cause the fish to runaway and you misses it.
Please take a look at time limit while landing.

You should remember the following three things during landing.
Fish energy gauge, fishing line holding force tension and remember distance with fish.

Ranking point is displayed on the upper right corner.
There are more ranking points you can obtain depending on your rating and size.
When there is various rewards, challenge for the ranking competition by all means.

Next with the key, you can open the gem box with the key.
You can get a good fishing rod from the gem box, so collect a lot of keys.

Now I'll tell you what you can do with the fish you caught.
Sells gold release gets eco points.
Especially, releasing small fish is one of the important fishing manners to do.

If you want to see the fish that has been caught, put it in pond.
You can also sell or release at the pond.

If you catch the big fish, you can show it off!
The fish you are proud can be found on your Facebook Wall.

When you choose one of the sell, release, or put in the pond, the measurement ends!
Try infinite challenge for forty over, fifty over beyond the big fish.

Big Fish King Tip #3: How to's

How to Fishing in Big Fish King?

For Fishing in Big Fish King
1. Go to the Fishing Area
2. After that please select your fishing point (A, B, C)
3. Please select your casting point
4. Choose your bait
5. Wait until the fish bite your bait

How to get eco points?

You can get Eco Point by doing this
1. Release the fish that youre caught
2. Clean up trash from the fishing area
3. Complete some quest
4. Watch video ads in the game

How to earn gold?

You can get Gold by doing this
1. Sell the fish that youre caught
2. Sell fish in the pound
3. Complete some quest
4. Watch video ads in the game

How to get Gems and where I can get Gems?

You can get Gem by doing this
1. Purchase with Cash (real money)
2. Get for free from Special Event or Quest
3. Watch video ads in the game

How to repair my rod?
To repair your rod, open your bag and click the rod, after that you will see repair button. Repair will cost you some gold

When I fishing in a new area, why the fish becomes hard to catch?
When the fish become hard to catch, it's time to tune your fishing rod, and change your fishing equipment to a better one

How to tuning my rod?
To tune your rod, open your bag and click the rod, after that you will see tuning button. Tuning your rod will take gold and time, but you can use instant tuning with gem to save your time.

What is Carp Treasure Box?
Carp Treasure Box is a special box that contain many item which useful for fishing.

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