Cartoon Squad Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Toons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Cartoon Squad by Bandai Namco for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Cartoon Squad Tip #1: Collecting Toons.
There are three areas where you can collect Toons:
Single Player, Multiplayer, and the Toon Grabs.
The first two are located on the Attack Map. while the Toon Grab is in the Home Map.
After defeating Toons in Single Player tasks. or enemies in Multiplayer. there is a chance of the Toons dropping either a piece or a complete version of themselves.

You must complete the whole task. or beat all of an enemy's squad in Multiplayer in order to collect the dropped Toons.

The Toon Grab can be found in the Home Map under the Shop menu.
There are two Grabs where you can try your luck in.

The Basic Grab guarantees Common Toons. along with a chance at Rare ones. while the Ultimate Grab guarantees Rare Toons. with possibility of attaining Super 81 Ultra Toons.
If you're feeling lucky. this is the place to go!

Cartoon Squad Tip #2: Buildings.
Buildings are essential to gameplay. Every action. other than battling. is performed through them.
Make sure to familiarize yourself with each building and its functions.

Command Center:
The Command Center is the structure that dictates which other buildings you can build and when you can build them. Make sure, you're always paying attention to your Command Center so you can unlock the next wave of buildings!

Team Center:
Manage your squad selection and access all your Toons from the Team Center. Lock strong Toons from being accidentally used as enhancement or evolution fodder, set another Toon as your avatar, or just familiarize yourself with your team.
Always choose your best squad!
Upgrade the Team Center to increase Team Power.

Healing Center:
This is where you can heal your injured Toons. It would be a wise decision to always have your Toons at full health, unless you like to live dangerously.

Squad HQ:
Find the best clan for you and help it become the best in the game.
Dont forget to help your clan members speed up their timers!
Or dont and disappoint those kind friends counting on you.

Upgrade the Squad H.Q. to increase your help limit.

Job Center:
Send your Toons out on mini jobs to bring back extra resources for you. Its like free labor!
Upgrade the Job Center to get bigger and better rewards.

Enhance your Toons to make them stronger.
We promise the feeder Toons are treated humanely during the process.
Events unlock at level 5.
Upgrade the Laboratory to increase queue size and enhancement rate.

Residences provides a home for all your Toons.
When theres no more room left for all of them, you can always host a Hunger Games for your Toons to see who gets sold.
Upgrade Residences to increase slots.

Evo Chamber:
Evolve your Toons and make them look cooler. Sure, the stats may also improve substantially, but lets be real, were superficial beings and judge Toons by their looks.
Upgrade the Evo Chamber to unlock higher tier evolutions.

Bux Printer & Oil Drill:
Print money at will and drill for all the oi1 you want. Its like youre the government and BP combined, but without regulation! Wait, no, thats already the case.
Upgrade Bux Printers and Oil Drills to increase production rates.

Bux Vault & Oil Silo:
Store all your hard-earned bu:-: and oil. Its like the physical representation of a Cayman Islands bank account. just that
instead of the U.S. government chasing you down. its General Chicken. and every other player in Cartoon Squad.
Upgrade Bux Vaults and Oil Silos to increase storage capacity

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