Starlight Idol Cheats: Gift Codes & 2 Best Tips for Aspiring Idols, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Starlight Idol by GameSky Global for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Starlight Tip #1: Artist Tips.

1. Is there any specific location to go if I am looking for certain artists?

Artists may be found in any locations during “Star Scout”. There are no fixed locations on where the artists will appear. Everything is based on real-life luck.

2. How to sign the artists?

Find them in “Star Scout”
Improve your relationship with them by dating. (You can call them to date them our using your phone.)
Ensure that you have enough funds to sign them.

3. How to sign Luo Tianyi?

Get 200,000 points in the Candy Puzzle found in “Starlight Park”
Own contact number for 10 artists in your phone.
Ensure that you have 4,000,000 funds.
Use “Luxury Car” 5 times during “Star Scout”
Have 15 artists signed to your agency.
As you follow the storyline, after some contest, you may meet Luo Tianyi and unlock some more clues.

4. How to recover from worn-out or drained status?

By going to “Suzuki’s Spa” in Starlight Resort.
Wait for the daily reset which occurs at 5 am.

5. How to advance the artists?/ My artist is “Not Debut”. How can I debut them?

To advance, please click Work > Artists > Train > Advance

You will be able to advance your artist once you meet the requirements for advancement.

** You will require specific artist shard which can be found during “Star Scout” to advance.

Level your artist can attain. Not Debut > Newbie > Famous > SuperStar > Popular > Starlight Idol.

6. How to increase Favor Pt. for artists?

Sending gifts
Suzuki’s Spa

7. Why should I increase Favor Pt. for artists?

It will help reduce the amount of commission deducted during Appt.
It is part of the requirement for advancement.

8. How do I increase the artist’s stats?

Equip Fashion Item
Eating EXP candy.
Attending Art Exam

9. Is it possible to change clothes for artists?

10. How to send gifts?
Go to Work > Artists > Gift
Then choose the items you want to give the artist.

11. How to obtain gifts?
Hunting (Work > Star Scout > Choose Location > 2nd Car Tab)
Obtainable during dating
Gift Redemption from “Starlight Park”
From fans that occasionally drop by in your office

12. How to check the fatigue status of artists?
Sorry. Currently, there are no ways to check the status.

13. There are three physical conditions:
Normal, Worn-Out and Drained.

When they are in the “Worn-Out” condition, the stats of artist are reduced by half. Under the drained condition, their stats are reduced to zero and they are unable to do any activity.

14. How to increase the artists’ stamina?
You can increase by doing “Appt”.

15. How to increase the status of artists?

16. What is the total amount of “Training Value” for each level of advancement?
Not Debut - 180
Newbie - 230
Famous - 300
Popular - 400
Starlight Idol - 500

17. What are the different kinds of Talents?

18. Why should I advance the artists?

Different artists excel in different areas. If you want to increase their talent, you will require to advance them in order to gain more training points.

Starlight Tip #2: Company Tips.

1. How to increase the company’s value?
Improving the artists status will help increase the company’s value.

2. How to do a presentation?
After unlocking the “Train” function, you can choose an artist to do the presentation on the first floor. You can change the time required for the presentation.

** You can only do 1 presentation a day.

3. How to train artists?
Choose the artist you are going to train.
Click any classroom, search the skill, star rating and time required for the training.
Select the suitable one which allows you to get more experience.

4. Is it a must to meet all the criteria for Appt.? What will happen if I do not meet the requirement?
No, under most circumstances you will only require to meet one of the set requirements to yield normal results.

5. What are the benefits to company expansion?
Able to attend more competition
Increase of AP
Increase the rate of items when hunting
Able to find more artists.
Able to advance the artists further.
Increase the money earned from Appt.
All the activities will now require more AP (e.g: Star Scout, Train, Contest, Appt.)

6. How to improve the office fame?
Attend National Tour
Attend Star Contest
Pocket News

7. What is the “Office Plan”?
It is an important tool used to track and improve the scale of the agency. The scale of the agency may influence the Appt., Artist, “Train” system.

8. How to improve the company’s scale?
You will need to meet the set requirements and have enough fund to expand the agency. Different requirements are required at different stages of company’s expansion.

9. About company scale.

  • Mini Studio
  • Stars Studio
  • Mini Agency
  • Stars Agency 
  • Stars Corp 
  • Stars Tycoon

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