Trainer Legend Cheats: Gift Codes & 2 Best Tips for Trainers, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Trainer Legend for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Trainer Legend Tip #1: How to catch Snorlax

1.Two Skiploom, needed moves: Hypnosis Powder, Flash, Cotton Spore. Carry a restore berry of 800 HP; Speed around 1300; Capture place: no.5 lawn (not easy to encounter)
2.Parasect, needed moves: Spore ( level 30 can learn) make Paras evolve into Parasect if you don't have Carry a restore berry of 800 HP ;Speed around 650
3. Enough VI and about 100 advanced pokemon ball (you can prepare 50 if you believe yourself) 3 revive drug, 5 primary spray (it’s not necessary but in case in bad luck) 5 bottle of 15 times PP restore drug.
4. Prepare 200 VI, but this mainly depends on the chance,
5. Squad: start with skiploom, replace with Haunter if you are afraid of missing the hit.

OK now, everything prepared, let’s go adventure until we meet Snorlax.

Fine, first round, we start with Haunter ( starting with Skiploom if you trust your lucky)
Haunter use Hypnosis till it works, the Snorlax wont flee in full hp, you can also use a primary spray, and you can’t miss 5 rounds !
After hitting change to Skiploom, flash till it awake, then using hypnosis, and flash again, Snorlax may Snore during sleep. If it was killed, send another Skiploom. If killed again, send Haunter first hypnosis then using spray, after that send Skiploom, keep flashing, till 6 times, we start hypnosis with cotton spore, till there is no showing decrease, then send Parasect, using spore . You will be lose if slow in speed, meet my standard of speed 650, you will be faster.
then spore, using Parasect’s sharp claw to reduce Snorlax hp to red, it will be very soon after 10 times hit. Then using spore and advanced pokemon ball; make good use of spore, remember using PP drug spray when its PP only 1 time left. Repeat it, you can catch it when using about 50 balls.

Trainer Legend Tip #2: How to fight the gym leader at early stageFirst talking about the Pewter gym leader
This one is weak, I’m sure you can pass it easily, as the leader of the first map, he doesn’t cause much terrible, you only have to know that he is a leader of rock type pokemons, normal type pokemon cant take much damage in the battle, so we need to choose the right type, if your initial choice is Charmander, you can level up Bellsprout with the NPC, cause rock is restrainted to grass, so its easy to pass this gym.
Then we talk about the Cerulean Gym Leader, a bit difficult
Cerulean Gym is build inside a large indoor swimming pool, most are water type, its so easy for the trainer who choose Bulbasaur! Only pay attention to her last pokemon: Starmie. Its psychic + water type! A confusion counter Bulbasaur! (because confusion belongs to psychic, Bulbasaur is grass + poison, psychic counter poison, so additional damage happened.) please notice your HP when you face Starnie. It will be easier to take the challenge if you have taken some proper break evolution.
At last lets talk about the Vermilion Gym leader, it's a bit tough though.
Electric type is powerful, different type of skills can be used, ground type is recommended, which is immune to electric type! So it has already reduced the difficult of the challenge! Recommend pokemons: Sandshrew and little Rock! Especially for those trainers who choose the Squirtle, its really a bad idea to play Squirtle! Strongly recommend to catch ground type pokemons, for challenging the electric type afterward.
That's all, you every trainer will find out that it's a game about restriction of type and skill, each pokemon has its own advantage and natural enemy , so collecting more pokemon is the most important.

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