Battle Boom Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Battle Boom by FourThirtyThree Inc.for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Battle Boom Tip #1: Decks.
To be able to Battle, you need a deck that is consisted of 30 units.
Up to three units of the same kind can be added, but only one legendary unit of the same kind can be added to the deck. If your deck only consists of the units with high Battle Point costs, you may have difficulty on placing units during the battle.
Build a balanced deck with your selection and your own strategy.

You can have 5 additional decks beside the default deck for the League battle. Every each deck must consist of 30 units to be activated. If your deck has less than 30 units, then it will be marked in red (in the DECK menu). Incomplete deck cannot be used for the battle, so please build it again.

To use the deck you have built, click the “My Decks” button displayed on the right of the “Battle” button (red border in the image below), and select the deck you would like to use.

Battle Boom Tip #2: Calculating League Points.
The League Points you earn each time you win the League Battle depend on the League Point that you and your opponents have. Generally, you can obtain more League Points from winning against the opponent with higher League Points than yours. On the other hand, if you lose the battle against the opponent with lower League Points than you, then you will lose more League Points than usual.
Win the battle!

Battle Boom Tip #3: Promotion.
Battle is to fight against other players.
If you win in the Battle, you can earn League Points, and you can promote according to your League Points.

Currently, there are 20 ranks in Battle Boom.
- Bronze 3 (0), Bronze 2 (500+), Bronze 1 (1000+)
- Silver 4 (1500+), Silver 3 (1900+), Silver 2 (2300+), Silver 1 (2700+)
- Gold 4 (3000+), Gold 3 (3500+), Gold 2 (4000+), Gold 1 (4500+)
- Platinum 4 (5000+), Platinum 3 (5400+), Platinum 2 (5800+), Platinum 1 (6200+)
- Diamond 4 (6600+), Diamond 3 (7000+), Diamond 2 (7400+), Diamond 1 (7800+)
- Marshal (8200+)

Battle Boom Tip #4: Multiple Chests.
You can get free chests once every 4 hours (up to 2), and earn one battle chest from winning 5 Battles.
There are four different types of battle chest and these are Common Chest, Rare Chest, Hero Chest, and Legendary Chest, and only one chest can be opened at one time.
To open up the chests, Common Chest takes 3 hours, Rare Chest takes 8 hours, Hero Chest takes 12 hours, and Legendary Chest takes 12 hours.
Open the chests that take a long time to open before you go to sleep.

The unit contained in the deck is not coming out during the Battle

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