Epic of 3 Kingdoms Cheats: Gift Coupon Codes & Best Tips for Epic Items, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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The direction
There are only 3 types of generals that you should know about:
Tanker type:
Most shields are included in this type of generals: Xu Chu, Wei Yan, and Sun Xian, Hua Jiong, you have some good protection and you help your power groups manage for long periods of time. HP

technical knowledge, instruction from AoM DMG, which is good for CC
Pusher type:
Generators of these species are usually fast, and the AOE seems to be adequate enough to make the land easier for the animals to use their speed. Most cavalrymen and wen chou, Zhou Tai, can be housed in some sloppy large heads like Hua Dong. Pusher mode also comes in various techniques which will be able to make DMG better for nearby animals
Type of illness:
The ointment generals are weak, unpredictable, have been spoiled by HP and are giving buff fractures so that your friends can move forward for a long time. Often there are some secrets to using such kind of pain type, but ... well, just talk about it later
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How far is the hero? How can the war be run? With combat and performance, we will open you in the epic book of our 3 wonderful states. Follow and follow the instructions

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