Hello Hero: Epic Battle Cheats: Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hello Hero: Epic Battle by Fincon for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

I do not really write a review, but it's a lovely game and it's fun to play. I need a response because every time I play games in the game, the brightness of my phone is also up and down. I do not know whether this game or anything. It is also a good idea to "look" at the claim of "reward" because they say "no ads" thanks! 😊 So far, so well. If the problem is fixed then this rating will change

Why can the app enter our contacts, pictures, and phone calls? is it true? When I disagree with all 3 options, everything in the UI Please do not hesitate to login and just play the game. Please refer to this concern.

Although you are selling only the sale, you need to know that this game will be very competitive and you have not yet tested users. You'll have to learn from Hello Hello Experience, Ficon, get your work together, in the outside, the game is easy and easy to understand.

Problems with the server will ask for connectivity but this fact is its overloaded server Expand your server Many players want to play but titles that are not available on the screen are found. If you want to be successful and successful with HH1, HLA expand your server and create an event in which everyone will be involved. Electricity and work Nice Video BTW I can measure 5 stars, but no longer.

There are some problems with connection protection (hopefully they will work for it) I think X2 X 4 is fast to see them like the old hello hero (they want to see). But beyond all your fun and awesome games highly recommended

Finkon was waiting for softlink games since then but it was not more than my phone. I know that my phone number is low but PLSS I like game games to do something about this. I can play on old HH, but it is not compatible with my phone M 93, want to add it 5 times, But to do something about it, it is unfair and its 5 TT IP intense game for this

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