The Walking Dead: Our World Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Fighting Walkers, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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The Walking Dead: Our World by Next Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The Walking Dead: Our World Tip #1: Injured Hero.
If your Companion takes some damage during combat, they are injured and need to heal. If they are healing, they cannot be taken on another mission.

The amount of time they’ll need to rest depends on your player level, the mission type, and the severity of the damage they have taken.

If your Companion is injured, they rest a shorter time, and if they collapse to the ground, they rest for longer. If they get injured in a Herd, they’ll need a bit longer to rest up than if they were injured in an Encounter.

Note that going into fight Herds is dangerous, and your Companion will always need to rest for a bit afterwards, even if they would not be hit by walkers.

You can heal Heroes with a first aid kit. It's a green icon with a white cross.

The Walking Dead: Our World Tip #2: Fighting Walkers & using Weapons.
Remember, when fighting walker, always aim for the head!

When you go on a mission, you can see how much energy you need in the Green "Fight" button.

When you go on an encounter and see a walker, tap on the head to make a headshot.

With guns, you can shoot walkers from a distance. Different guns hold different amounts of ammo, so keep an eye on how often you need to reload! When your magazine runs empty, your gun will reload. However, you won’t run out of bullets, so fear not.

Grenades are rare finds, and can kill a whole group of walkers at once. Put your finger on the grenade button, and then swipe towards where you wanna drop it. If you spin it, it will rotate while flying! Be careful though, the smoke from the explosion could limit the visibility of other walkers!

You can take one Hero as your Companion to any mission, and one weapon. If your Companion takes damage, they will need to rest before they can fight again.

If the walkers reach you, you’ll lose the mission, so keep them off!

The Walking Dead: Our World Tip #3: Walker types.
You can find different types of walkers out in the world.

Regular: No extra abilities or speed, health tied to the level of the mission.

Slim: Smaller size, faster movement. Amount of health is less than Regular.

Armored: Slightly larger than Regular, with slightly slower movement. Bodyarmor soaks most of damage, making them hard to kill.

Tank: Very large walker, moves slowly. Bodyshots are less effective than against other types of walkers. Can take a lot of shooting before going down.

The Walking Dead: Our World Tip #4: Choosing and Changing your Companion or weapon.
Check the walker type before going on a mission!

Against regular walkers all Heroes and weapons will be equally good.

Other than that, all Heroes and weapons will be better or worse against some walker types. Just tap on the Loadout button when going on a mission, and then the portrait of your Hero or weapon.  You’ll see a selection menu. In the upper corner of the portraits you can find an arrow icon. Red indicates that the Hero or weapon is not that effective against the walker type, and green indicates that it is.

If the weapon or Hero is not especially strong or weak against the walker type, there is no indicator arrow.

When going into a mission, you can choose a Companion to go with you! Pick the best.

Tap on an Encounter or Herd, and check the bottom of your screen. You can see a Loadout button; tap it. There is a portrait of a companion as well as a weapon. Tap on the portrait to replace your Companion or weapon, and choose the one you want from the list!

Now you can watch each other’s backs and kill the walkers!