Velator SEA Cheats: Gift Coupon Codes & 4 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Velator SEA Game by Elite Rising for Android/iOS (iPad/iPhone).

Velator SEA Tip #1: Temple of Destiny.
- The Temple of Destiny is a fun mini-game that rolls dice and moves the horse and acquires the goods of the spot you land on. Three dice per day are automatically given.
- If you roll the dice and it lands at a specific spot and you claim the prize, the next time you land on that exact same spot you can bet to get 2 or 3 times the reward.
- When you arrive at the same spot again, you will receive additional compensation for the betting amoutn and your betting history will be reset.
- When you receive a betting reward, you may repeat the additional reward betting.
- Even if you happen to skip or pass a betting spot, your betting history will not disappear. And if you land on the spot again, you wil be able to receive the amount you bet.
- If you need extra dice, you can purchase it using Crystals.
- Odd and even dice (items) only rolls odd or even numbers and you can purchase this item with Crystals.

Velator SEA Tip #2: Hero Transcend.
- A Hero's transcendence level will increase when other heroes use the same materials for hero enahancement and evolution process.
- When the same hero use more than 2 materials, the transcendence level will increase based on the used materials.
- The transcendence level will increase until 10 and for fixed evolution, the transcendence level does not disappear, but for random evolution the transcendence level will reset.
- Transcendence and normal level adds up and increases the hero's power. When the hero is level 30 and transcendence level 5, the hero will obtain 35 levels for the power.
- Whenever the hero transcends, 1 skill point will be obtained.
- Transcendence Pigs are an all-purpose material that will help all heroes transcend.

Velator SEA Tip #3: Hero Awakening.
- All heroes have 3 stages of awakening.
- In Hero Awakening, the hero's appearance will change and get a unique name.
- In Hero Awakening, the hero's offense and defensive power, and health increases and obtains 10 skill points.
- For Hero Awakening, Awakening Stones of the hero's constellation is required.
- Awakening stones can be obtained at the relevant Constellation Dungeons.
- There are limits to the hero's level based on the awakening level:
1st Awakening condition: 2-Star Hero or above
2nd Awakening condition: 4-Star Hero or above
3rd Awakening condition: 6-Star Hero or above

Velator SEA Tip #4: Guilds.
- Each individual is able to join or create a guild as soon as the Guild menu is unlocked.
- If you activate the 'Automatic Join' function, then it is open to the public to join.
- If you deactivate 'Automatic Join', users will have to request to join the guild and the Guild Master or Elder will have to confirm their requests.
- A maximum of 30 people are able to join each guild.
- You can withdraw from a guild only after the guild raid is over. You cannot withdraw/leave the guild during guild raids.

Velator SEA Code: newserversea.