ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Cheats: Gift Coupon Codes & Best Tips for Bounties, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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The camera runs the game to make sure the camera after killing it is quite strange like this is luffy and the other person moves as slow, control is not yet, unknown how to develop but not all habit The whole target type fighter / support / shooter etc. Buy better style style

Thank you brother / son I have to wait for her that I did not pick her up. It looks like a real device, but at the start of the camera does not do the best, what happens to the brother running up and down Do you have a balloon? Dang it gets 100 thousand downloads so fast only 3 days in yah wah wah good job

This is the best game, I like athletic and social studies, good reading but ... changing letters around fights, it dropped my five stars .. You can be 2 in your party and you only have your own Symbols will change to kill them. I will give 5 stars to trade for swapping, helping them in battle and changing them to the bigger part of the party. Even from what I feel it is good!

This game needs more treatment ... First of all, you need to install the camera ... it should be based on the trick with the character ... second. .. "Battle" game mode Will crack, I have not played match with anyone, but me ... and third of us, you have to prepare more stories and more characters

Trying to kill Elvida apparently his camera started and the purpose I tried to watch my camera was where, where I wanted it. I do not even target my starting point like all the goals. So far so good. I am worried that this gameplay starts with the story, so the challenge is to say that what I've done is to strengthen my behavior. IM really hope for some gameplay where I can integrate / buy my own stack and use looting / pirates anywhere, to destroy each island and anyone, haha. This will try for the first time, where it goes through its fun though, my favorite artists, like playing the arcade. Let it go.

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