Billion Lords Cheats: Best Tips for Placement, Towers, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sometimes, the underworld is ruled by the Lord of Evil ...
Driven by his eternal ambition, he reached beyond ...
To stop the Lord of Evil, the Light of God brings together the army of heroes.
With the help of the God of light, the warlord was defeated by the heroes.

The evil death of the wicked died under the earth.
All gentlemen started to strengthen their dungeons and gather their troops to fight the empty throne.

A war is about to begin ...

- Dungeon Building: Create your own dungeon with traps and lead your enemies to their death.
- Collect troops: Call a wild cast of generals and minions, each with their own abilities and looks.
- Hero Invasion: Defend the invading hero and hit to throw a magic to destroy them!
- Evil League: Includes and interacts with other gentlemen to lock perks and benefits. The more evil!
- League Arena: Challenge your colleagues League members in real time to prove to you.

Brings nothing new to the table. You can like this genre or not. Everything in the game has been over the past several times. Completed earlier. Playing well, but doing nothing to renew. It's fast boring. My wallet will remain closed. Edit: A copy / paste response .... how much you think.

Loading stopped, so I need to move, awesome gameplay. You can replace the wall where it is very difficult, but it seems ok for me. That's why I'm giving 4 stars. When I'm going to build the main menu, this is a mistake. When I finish setting my base, I save it right, but when I'm done it does not save the image of my New Base, but I can not use it. Please fix it. Even great games

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