Evertile: Battle Arena Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Battles, Mana, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Evertile: Battle Arena by Supergaming for Android/iPhone (iOS).

Evertile: Battle Arena Tip #1: Battle Deck and MANA.
Every player must have 10 tiles in battle, no more, no less. Check tile parameters while you’re creating your Battle Deck. Make sure to check mana values too. The higher the value, the faster the mana bar will fill up, and you’ll be able to use your character’s ability. A wide variety of tiles is available to you. Use them wisely to claim your victory!

Mana is a precious resource which allows for activating your character’s ability during battles. With each successful attack your tile makes, your mana bar fills up. Once it’s full, your character’s unique ability becomes available. As you might have noticed, everything requires balance. While creating your Battle Deck check the tiles you select and their mana values. The higher the value, the faster the mana bar is filled up, thus enabling you to use your character’s ability more quickly. Note that each character ability requires a particular amount of mana.

Evertile: Battle Arena Tip #2: Character Abilities.
Regardless of whether you play a King or Queen, your character has their own abilities. A character ability is a unique skill which can be activated during a battle depending how full the mana bar is. At the start of the game only one ability is available, but more are unlocked with new levels.

Also, with each level up all previous abilities get better. Thus, the higher your level in the game the more powerful your character.

NOTE! Victories in battles, opening chests, and character changes do not impact getting new abilities or upgrading old ones. Only your game level determines abilities! So upgrade your Battle Deck and get more and more powerful

IMPORTANT! During your turn mana gradually burns out. So the slower you perform in your turn, the less chance you have to activate your character's ability.

Evertile: Battle Arena Tip #3: Match Making.
The game will find you an opponent with a similar number of trophies as yours. The game doesn’t take into consideration the level of your opponents’ cards.

Sometimes it’s possible there’ll be a big difference in the number of trophies between you and your opponent, but remember that defeating a more powerful enemy gives a big boost to your satisfaction level.

Evertile: Battle Arena Tip #4: High Level Arenas.
The only way to get to a higher-level Arena is to earn enough trophies in battles against other players. Any player persistent enough can achieve the unbelievable and win fantastic rewards.
Can I influence the order in which tiles appear on the battlefield somehow?
There are 2 ways to set the order of your deck: Manual or Random.

In random mode, your tile order is set randomly. The first three tiles appear on the battlefield randomly, but later you can see what tile is coming next. You can change it by tapping another tile from your Deck.

In manual mode, you can set the order of your deck and your cards will appear according to the order you set.

You can switch between modes under "deck settings", found in your battle deck screen (just below your deck).

Evertile: Battle Arena Tip #5: Types of Chests.
Dead Man’s Chests appear once every 24 hours, and contain tiles, gold and sometimes Gems. They can be unlocked after 25 skulls earned in battles.

Silver Chests can be won in battles. It takes 3 hours to unlock them, and they contain gold and tiles.

Golden Chests can also be won in battles. It takes 8 hours to unlock them, and they contain more tiles than Silver Chests. Start to unlock them before you go to sleep, and maybe when you wake up a precious heap of tiles will be ready for you.

Epic Chests can be won in battles, and they contain only epic tiles.

Legendary Chests can be won in battles as well. They contain 1 legendary tile from one of the arenas!

Magical Chests are also rewarded for battles. It takes 12 hours to unlock them, and they contain a great number of rewards, including an epic tile!

Giant Chests are rewarded for battles. You’ll find mainly basic and rare tiles in them. They are very useful for upgrading your deck.

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