ShinNaZuKi Cheats: Best Tips for Level Up, Gift Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Getting Arena Stones.
In ShinNaZuKi, we need to consume the Arena Stone for taking part in the Arena every time. Here are tips about how to get the Arena Stone.
Ⅰ. We can get it from the R1 Activeness Chest
When the activity reaches 25 points, we can claim the R1 Activeness Chest. There are the Arena Stone and Gold in the Box.
Ⅱ. We can get it from Exploration.
When we go to explore, we have a chance to get the Arena Stone.
Ⅲ. By passing the dungeon of Story, Challenge and Party Trial, we also have a chance to get the Arena Stone.
Tips: Every account only can get 20 Arena Stone. Remember to consume it in time. If you already have 20 Arena Stone, you can not get more.

When we login the game, we can enter the team setting by tapping the character Avatar. Then, we can see the “Setting” page on the right side of the team setting. After that, click the Exchange Code and type the Gift Code on the blank.
Finally, check the Gift Code and confirm it to exchange the reward. Remember, we need to go to the mail (Unlock when team level reaches Lv.3) to claim the reward.

Gift code: OB2TU589YK

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