TALION Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Monsters, Level Up, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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TALION by Gamevil for Android/iPhone (iOS).

TALION Tip #1: Equipment.
Strengthen your character when equipped.
Each character can equip 1 weapon, 4 armors and 3 accessories.
From equipment, 4 armors can have a set effect.
Enhance, Upgrade and Limit Break your equipment to make your character even more powerful.

Equipment grade is determined by the performance.
Max enhance level differs by equipment grade, and increasing the grade also increases the equipment's stats.
Item Grades: Normal, Advanced, Magic, Rare, Legendary, Mythical.

Set Effect.
Armor from the same category have a set effect.
The set effect is activated when items are equipped on at least 2 parts and all effects are activated when items are equipped on all 4 parts.
The effect increases as the grade of the equipped armor increases.

TALION Tip #2: Items.
Enhance Stones.
Used to Enhance equipment.
They are divided into weapon, armor, or accessory enhance stones depending on the type of equipment.
The type of the enhance stone varies with the equipment's enhance level, and the higher the enhance level, the higher the grade of the enhance stone it requires.
- Lv 1 to 35 Enhance Stone I.
- Lv 36 - 110 Enhance Stone II.
- Lv 111 - 180 Enhance Stone III.

Upgrade Stones.
Used to Upgrade equipment.
Upgrade Stones are divided into Weapon, Armor, or Accessory Upgrade Stones, depending on the type of equipment.

Inherit Stone.
Used to transfer an item's Enhance level to another item.
The Enhance level will be transferred with a 100% ratio when you use inherit stones on equipment of the same grade.

Used to acquire or enhance Rides, Costumes, or Guardian Fairies.
- Rides: Acquire, Evolve.
- Costumes: Acquire, Enhance.
- Guardian Fairies: Acquire, Evolve.

Growth Materials.
Used to Enhance, Evolve or Transcend Rides, Costumes, Wings and Guardian Fairies.
Each item comes with a grade. Higher grade material is required to enhance higher grade items.

Relics are a legacy of ancient times that contain various items.
To open them, you need to register them in the Reliquary and then wait for a set amount of time.

Teleport Scroll.
Enables you to teleport to a designated location.
You can only teleport to area within your Alliance field.
Teleporting to an area where requirements are not met is unavailable.

TALION Tip #3: Monsters.
Most of the monsters target anything that deals damage to them.
They prioritize their attacks on the target that deals the most damage.

Normal Monsters.
Commonly found in all fields and dungeon.
You can acquire EXP, Items and Gold by defeating them.

Boss Monsters.
Boss Monsters are powerful monsters that reside in dungeons.
Armed with unique skills, they are immune to status effects.
Make sure to watch out for the warning sign displayed before they cast skills when you make a move.

Raid Monsters.
Raid Monsters are more powerful than any other monsters and have a high HP.
You need to join forces with other Talions to challenge one, instead of facing it alone.
Raid Monsters cast more powerful skills than Boss Monsters do so it's crucial to take notice of the warning.
Raid Monsters appear at set times and when you defeat one, you'll receive a special reward.

Field Boss.
Field Bosses spawn in normal field.
Due to their higher ATK and HP than normal monsters, cooperative hunting with other players in recommended.
Defeating Field Bosses will net you Boss Coins.

TALION Tip #4: Matching.
Users need to be matched in multiplayer modes.
Matching is necessary to search for other players at a similar level or wait for other players to join.
Once it begins, you can tap the Matching Status icon to view your current status.
You can view the number of players in matching time elapsed, and cancel if necessary.
When you enter a multiplayer mode after a successful match all other matching processes will be canceled.
Matching is active for these modes: Deathmatch, Occupy, Team Battle and Elite Dungeon.

Party Matching.
You can enter a mode that requires matchmaking with your party members.
When party leader initiates matching a matching approval message will be sent to all party members.
Once all party members accept, they'll be added to matching and transferred to the same room.
Matching will not be processed if any party member doesn't have enough inventory space or hasn't met entry requirements.

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