Ultimate Glory - War of Kings Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Battles, Redeem Gift Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Ultimate Glory - War of Kings by ShenZhen IYouLong Technology Co.,Ltd. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Ultimate Glory - War of Kings.
You are a lord of the territory in war of kings you can make your territory increasingly powerful by continually upgrading buildings, recruiting heroes, training soldiers, developing technology, collecting resources from the map of the kingdom, and joining clan.

Ultimate Glory - War of Kings Tip #1: Empire City Battle
At the center of the map of the kingdom stands the kingdom's core building, the Empire city, which is surrounded by 6 forts, namely black fortress, fire fortress, rock fortress, storm fortress, sky fortress and aurora fortress.

At first, the empire city and all forts are in peace phase, not belong to anyone and the player could not occupy them.

5 days after the new server, 6 forts will be in battle phase (empire city will not be activated in the first battle), all players in clans can try to occupy the fortresses, occupying the fortresses will grant boosts immediately the boosts effect will enhance the army ability of all the members of the occupying clan, the boosts effect of each fortress is different, the player can plan to occupy the corresponding fortress according to the demand.

When attacking the empire city of fortress, player can rally attack.
Because the individual army strength is limited, but the united army clan members is a reliable guarantee to fight.

When one tries to occupy the empire city or fortress, he will be the commander, he can ask for the reinforcement from allies, the reinforcement size is determined by the battle hall level of command.
The higher level the battle hall, the greater the reinforcement size if a current commander's battle hall level is not high, other allies with a relatively high-level battle hall can request replacement command by clicking "Changing Commander" When the new commander's is about to reach the empire city or fortress, the original commander only need to dismiss the garrison and exit, the new commander will able to successfully enter and the replacement is done.

Ultimate Glory - War of Kings Tip #2: Protect yourself.
If your collection troop is attacked, you can choose to recall your troop.
Use relocator or random relocator to get away from troubles (if you have troops outside the territory, you cannot relocate).
Join a clan and relocate your castle together with your allies to effectively protect yourself.
Build a hospital to reduce the damage of troops within territory when you get attacked.

How to get diamonds for free?
Join the clan for the first time to get a good sum of diamonds as rewards.
When your arena ranking exceeds the highest ranking in your history, you can get diamonds as rewards.
Free diamonds will randomly appear at the lower left corner of the game, do not miss every opportunity to claim the rewards.
Continuous login grants diamonds.
You may get the diamond form Clan Gift as well.
Purchase in the shop can quickly obtain a large number of diamonds.
Upgrade Lord level to get rewards of level.
With the materials sent by friends, you can produce diamonds in diamond factory.

Ultimate Glory - War of Kings Tip #3: Collect Resources.
Find the resource point in the map of the kingdom, click and select collection, send collection troop to occupy the resource point and to collect resources. It will take a certain amount of completed the collection, after the completion of the collection, your collection troop will back to your territory with collected resources. The greater your troop's capacity, the more resources it will bring back.

During collection in farmland, forest, mountain and iron ore, it also have chances to collect materials of lord equipment.

Resource buildings can generate resources over time, build more resource buildings or upgrade them to increase resource production.
You clan members can send supplies to you.
You can use resource pack to get resources directly.
Plunder other players resources.

Ultimate Glory - War of Kings Gift Code: relocator (limited time only).

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