Vampire's Fall: Origins Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Blood Lines, Abilities, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Vampire's Fall: Origins Tip #1: Safe.
Opening a Safe
Once you’ve grabbed a Safe from a battle you aren’t done yet. You’ll have to put the safe in one of your banks, assign some to defend it, and then wait for it to open! You can also spend gems to open the safe immediately if you just can’t wait.

During the time when the Safe isn’t opened yet other players can attempt to steal it with a team of their own Vampires. If the attacking player can beat your team without losing any members, they’ll take the Safe instead.

Getting more Safes
You can snag a Safe by going out and flawlessly winning some Prank Battles! Just remember that you can only get a flawless win if none of your characters are beaten in the battle. Otherwise, you’ll receive other rewards such as materials or Gold.

Unlocking Tasks
Tasks are unlocked on a Vampire by Vampire basis, based on building their house in your town. Once you’ve built their house, the Vampire can be tapped on in town to pull up the tasks that are currently available.

Tasks Overview
A task is simply a quick activity that a Vampire can undertake to earn a quick prize. Once you have a Vampire’s house built, simply tapping on that Vampire in the town view will let you view their tasks. You can review the time it will take to complete, the rewards that will be given, and choose to send them out if you wish.

Just remember, there’s a limit on how many tasks you can have active at once. This means that if you want to maximize your tasks, you’ll need to keep an eye on your town and claim the prizes as Vampires complete their tasks!

Vampire's Fall: Origins Tip #2: Blood Lines.
There are three categories of blood lines you can choose to upgrade: Anger, Vitality and Deceit.
Anger focuses on ways to increase your damage. Vitality focuses on ways to gain or regain health points. Deceit focuses on how to dodge or block enemy damage.

When you level up, you will get 4 skill points to upgrade. You can choose freely what to upgrade but higher tier blood lines can only be unlock when you reached their blood lines requirements.

Best Blood Line: Vitality's Healthy Combo.
Add certain hp every combo turn. this blood line will help you survive specially for boss battles.
Healthy Combo Blood Line can be level up to level 20 which will give you 20 HP every combo turn.
If you face a random enemy, specially if it is weak one, then you can safely restore your HP back to full by doing nothing to the enemy and wait for combo turn until you fully restore your health and you can now defeat the weak enemy.

Vampire's Fall: Origins Tip #3: Control vs Instinct.
Similar to upgrading the Blood Lines, you can only choose one ability point to either control or instinct.

Best Ability:  Instinct's Bite.
The maximum level for Bite is level 10, it can bite for certain damage and regain 50-100% of the damage you deal as health. It only cost 45 focus to deal damage and regain hp at the same time.
If you have a high level of Bite and Healthy Combo, you won't need potions and you can battle tough enemies without worrying about your Health Points.

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