Wheely World Cheats: Top 9 Tips for Wheelies, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Wheely World game by Cloudland Studios for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tip #1
Drag and hold to steer.

Tip #2
Steering is less effective in the air.

Tip #3
Treasure Chests contain powerups and points.
Some treasure chests will give you helpful powerups to pass certain challenged.
And some of challenges are dependent on treasure chest for it to be able to pass.
However certain powerups may also hinder/interrupt you to pass some challenges.

Tip #4
Check out the selection of vehicles in the garage!
Some vehicles are much efficient when passing a certain challenges.

Tap #5
Tap the map to explore a new world!
Sometimes challenges can be easier to pass if you change location.

Tip #6
The higher you climb the tougher the challenges!
Regardless if you pass or fail a challenge, the terrain you chose to play will become more harder as time goes by. However you can reset it back pressing reset button at the bottom left if your vehicle was crashed.

Tip #7
Want to see how you rank? Check the leaderboard.

Tip #8
How many achievements do you have? Tap the star!

Tip #9
Release your hold to straighten your Vehicle
This is helpful when you want to go under, or pass through obstacles.

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