Be the Manager 2019 Cheats: Best Tips for Managing, Reviews, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Be the Manager 19 is a strategy game where you will be able to manage a football team. A championship with 60 of the Europe's best teams.

Played since 2012, and with millions of downloads worldwide, Be the Manager it's now in the seventh edition! Be the Manager 2019 is a captivating football manager game. It’s simple and fun. But also immersive and challenging.
You're the boss. You decide. You will compete against real top football clubs. Do you think you're a good manager? Prove it!
Start your Manager Job today!


• 2018 / 2019 database with REAL TEAMS, MANAGERS and PLAYERS
• Manage stadium facilities. Upgrade your stadium infrastructures or make it as big as Barcelona’s Camp Nou
• Choose the Sponsorships and TV rights contracts that fit your club status
• Buy and sell players. Negotiate the better value. Build your dream football starting eleven
• Choose your match strategies. Defensive or offensive? All the way to the success!
• DEVELOP your star players
• Choose the match tactics and make substitutions that lead the team to victory
• Take an underdog team to the be champion or accept job proposals to manage exciting and reputable teams
• FREE TO PLAY GAME. It really is. You don’t need to spend any money to have all in-game experience
• Does not require Internet Connection. You can play it EVERYWHERE
• Compare your Coach performance with Managers from all around the world!

Can you manage the best players in the world?
But beware... a mistake and you can be fired! For this not to happen it is fundamental that you don’t lose sight of your opposing teams. Follow them closely. Watch the results of the matches, the standings, the top scorers and, of course, your direct opponents, the managers.
Do you think you’re a good football manager? Then prove it!
Start scoring goals now! Go collect your trophies!

Do you like football? Do you like challenges?
then get ready. it will be not easy..
You have the total control the top manager!
The king of the beautiful sport!

What's new on BTM 2019 Edition:

This game is really awesome!! But the only thing is that we arent able to see which of our players scored in games throughout the season, unless he is in the top 60 scorers. Like knowing about most scoring defenders and midfielders in our own team, as well as comparing all our forwards. It was there in 2016 edition tho, plz bring it back..... Otherwise superb
I suggest you add press conferences! This can affect team morale, development and performances! It can also affect the reputation of the manager! This would be so interesting!
Nice games but I think this game need assist system n goal scorer system in another match except the player's match
Nice game, but there is a bug, i played first game of the season and it ended 4-2, and after when i checked league and stats, it said that I played 2 games, scored 6 goals and conceded 16
Awesome game, but graphics could be better. Players should have headshots for a better game experience
try and show assits stats..age should be included..andalso players should have a number of years on their contract when they sign for a club...more teams should also be included..and awards to be given to the best and young players...more competitions like champions league,laliga,bundesliga and so on..and teams should be in their appropriate leagues..THANK YOU

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