Master of Mainland Cheats: 16 Best Tips for Building, Redeem Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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How many buildings the game has?
Currently there are a total of 16 buildings Listed below with more information about them:

Master of Mainland Upgradable buildings:

Upgrading the castle will result with increasing the cap level of other upgradable buildings it’s most important to upgrade your castle so you can upgrade the rest of the buildings it also effect the attributes enhance for castellan and catapult in battle

Academy is where you can upgrade your spells and activate them upgrading the building will result with increasing the cap level of spells and unlocking spells

Portal offers different mood to gather resources and shards
A- Mainland
· Mainland is a PVP area where you can capture recourses points, stronghold and defeat invaders
· The main point of Mainland is to gather resources and the higher your level is the more you can extend your territory
· Attacking or exploring consumes mobility
· Make sure to set up your defense and checking your land from time to another
· The more active you become and acquiring resources points / strongholds the more trophies you will get which will get you valuable rewards at the end of the day depending on your trophies rank
B- Ruins adventure:
· Desert Maze for scrolls
· Ancient Ruins for weapons parts and Iron
· Underground Vein for crystals
· Chances reset daily
· The higher difficulty the better rewards
C- Soul Space
· The main purpose of this mood is to gather souls
· To unlock heroes, you need to first obtain the hero and unlock higher segments in PVP
·  You won’t be able to raid the hero unless you finish the Trail
· The higher difficulty the more souls you can obtain
· Each fight consumes a Heroic soul which can be found by doing quests or some events
D- Hero Trial
· Hero Trail is a 3 maps stages each map contains 5 chests and 5 enemies every time you defeat an enemy you can open a chest that contains valuable items or resources
· To start the trial, you need to setup your team first
·  If a hero dies during the fight he can’t be used again next fight
· Each time you clear a stage your team will get a small portion of heal
· You can clear the trail once a day the rewards can be doubled or tripled depends on your VIP level
E- Card competition
· Card Compaction is a luck /skill base mood at first you will have to choose a card out of 3 cards that are shown to you “the card is maxed level”
· You can choose the same card twice
· The choosing round will finish when you consume all allowed your energy
· Starting a game in the competition requires a competition ticked or 200 gems
· You got only 2 losses and once you get defeated twice you will be awarded based on your total wins· Max total wins are 9
F- Bloody Battle
· Bloody battle is a mood where you have to defeat stages one after another in a certain time the game ends when you get defeated or time ends
· Every 5 stages you can save your progresses and the next time you start you will be able to start in a farther stage also you can get buffs during the fight that will assist you with the fight every 5 stages you clear “buffs are restarted when the match is done”
· Make sure to set up your heroes right and pick the right cards to reach farther stages

4-Power Crystal:
Upgrading the Power Crystal will result with upgrading the cap of energy cost for battle lineup

Upgrading the warehouses will result with increasing the storing capacity also to protect resources when the city is captured

Upgrading the yard will result with increasing the amount of gathered lumber per/hour “Max of 24 hours”

7-Scroll shop:
Upgrading the shop will result with increasing the amount of gathered scrolls per/hour “Max of 24 hours”

Upgrading the Blacksmith will result with increasing the amount of gathered iron per/hour “Max of 24 hours”

9-Crystal Den:
Upgrading the Den will result with increasing the amount of gathered green crystal per/hour “Max of 24 hours”

10-Gold Mine:
Upgrading the Mine will result with increasing the amount of gathered gold per/hour “Max of 24 hours”

11-Initial” Guild”
Initial or Guild or Iron is where alliance gather and help each other improving the building by devoting gems or gold and gaining guild XP. Upgrading the building will result with increasing its members and unlock new activates like team dungeon.
Non-upgradable buildings:

Shop is where you can buy items using different type of resources

13-Hero Battle:
Hero battle is the adventure mood and it’s consist of Normal and Elite mood make sure to unlock 3 stars for each stage so you can unlock all chests for each chapter

14-Sky Arena:
Arena is a player versus player mood and it has 4 different moods :
Rank match:
· Rank match is a real time PVP where you can use your spells and heroes to defeat the opposite player
· Each time you match it consumes an Arena ticket unless if it’s free
· The higher the grade the better rewards you receive
· Heroes are summoned instantly fight is automatic
· Spells are forbidden
· Awards is based on your current rank
C-Practice match:
· The same as Rank matched but for practice only “no rewards”
D-Master Arena:
· The same as Rank matched but you can compete will all player in all server (Cross Server Battle)

15-Card House:
Card House is a building where you can summon heroes and items by either consuming gems or Magic cards

· Horoscope is where you can gem or eggs to obtain dust or treasure items
· Every 20 draws will grant you a legendary parts
· You can also decompose your treasure parts to receive dust which you can use to purchase parts or sets from the shop In order to upgrade or activate a treasure you need to spend Treasure essence “which can be found in the treasure store at shop or Horoscope draws” and a rare Item “Five colored crystal”

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