[Nexon] Magia: Charma Saga Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Beginners and Coupon Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tip #1: Battle System

The Battle System provides various options and information.

A. Character and Enemy Information

- The top left of the Battle Screen shows the character type, level, and HP .
- It also shows the resources used for unique skills based on each character. (Stamina, MP, etc.)

- The boss HP and name are displayed in the middle of the Battle Screen.
- The indicator (x number) beside the boss's HP shows the number of HP gauge stacks.

B. Battle Map

- The Battle Map is displayed below the character's information.
- Time remaining, monster location, and geographical features are displayed on the map.
- Your location is shown with a yellow icon.

When a battle is finished on the corresponding map, the message “clear” will be displayed.
You can then move on to the next map by following the “go” icon. 

C. Auto Battle
- Magia provides an auto battle feature.
- Tapping the auto icon at the top right activates the auto battle.
- Tap on the corresponding icon again to turn off the auto battle.

Please Note!
[Adventure Stages] accessible through certain quests are not supported by the auto battle feature.

D. End Battle

- To pause the battle, tap the pause icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

- You can end the game by tapping the [OK] button in the pause menu.

 E. Battle Features

The game's basic controls are as follows. However, some of the controls may differ for each character depending on their skills.

A) Analog Stick
- The analog stick can be used to freely move the character from one place to another.

B) Character Skills
- When a skill is used, a cooldown is applied for a certain period of time.
- You are unable to use a skill during cooldown.
- The skill button must be reactivated to use the skill again.
Once the cooldown is over, a skill could be reactivated.
Some characters have unique skills that can’t be unequipped.

C) Normal Skills
- Unlike set skills, the normal attack and jump action can be used repeatedly.
- Evasions can be used repeatedly but only for the specific number of evasion counts given to the character.
The evasion skill may be used for different purposes other than evading an enemy.
ex). To charge in upon an enemy   

Please Note!
The evasion feature can only be used repeatedly up to the number of times indicated above the evasion skill.
After continuously using the evasion skill, you must wait for the cooldown to finish to activate the skill again.

[Nexon] Magia: Charma Saga Android/iOS Tip #2: Battle Results

Various information is displayed in the Magia Battle Results window. 

A) Success/Failure Status
- The stage clear status is shown.
- Upon success: STAGE CLEAR
- Upon failure: STAGE FAIL

B) Stage Name
- Name of the stage played.

C) Stage Clear Rank
- There are 8 different stage clear ranks: F, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS.
Different rewards are provided for each rank.
- Ranks are calculated based on clear times, max combos, aerial hits, overkills, etc.

D) Game Time
- Adventure Time: the time it took to clear the stage
- Best: the shortest length of time it took for the player to clear the stage

E) Battle Details
- Monster Kills: the number of monsters defeated in this stage
- Max Combo: the highest combo achieved on the stage
- Aerial Hits: the number of cumulative hits on enemies on air
- Overkills: the number of enemies with an HP lower than 30% defeated in a single blow.

F) Level/EXP Results
- You can view the amount of EXP earned for clearing the stage, total EXP, and character level.

G) Clear Reward
- Various rewards are provided to the Adventurer when a stage is cleared.
- Depending on the grade of the stage cleared, bonus rewards can be acquired.

H) Recommended Leveling Method
- The recommended leveling method can be viewed upon stage failure.
- Using the recommended leveling method to develop gear and skills increases the chances of clearing the stage.

I) Try Again
- Allows you to play the stage again.

J) Leave
- Allows you to move to the World Map.

[Nexon] Magia: Charma Saga Android/iOS Tip #3: Granos Town Guide 

 - You can move to a specific location by tapping its icon. 

A. Inn
- The Inn serves as the basic lobby for Adventurers.

B. Angel Statue
- The angel statue provides rewards at set intervals. You can collect up to 5 rewards a day.

C. Library
- View galleries of various gear, monsters, foods, character codices, etc., at the library.

D. Forge
- Where adventurers craft gear, enchant, and exchange gear potential features.

E. Guild
- Provides various requests to Adventurers, which they can complete for rewards.

F. Jude
- Adventurers can access their daily quests by talking to Jude.

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