Day and Knight Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Chapter 3, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Day and Knight (Early Access) by WillBeFun for Android/iPhone (iOS).

Day and Knight Tip #1: Don't Use Melee Weapons.
Our character isn't suitable yet for using melee weapons, 
they are difficult to use and won't last from enemy attacks.
We need better Gears, Runes & Talents to be able for Melee Weapons to be effective.

Day and Knight Tip #2: Double Arrow.
The Double Arrow Skill is the best skill right now.
It doubles the damage output for the main target enemy.
In this kind of games, Offense is the best defense.
Because we need to eliminate enemies as fast as we can, to reduce the enemy count.
Lesser Enemies = Lesser Threat

Day and Knight Tip #3: Pick the better skill wisely.
Example of Skill Choices: Arrow Rain, Homing & Increase HP

These skills are not great specially for this Early Chapters. 
However we need to choose 1 better skill than other two.

Arrow Rain activate chance is too low.
Homing has low damage output.
Increase HP won't improve your offense.

Increase HP is a safer option, but if you want offense Arrow Rain would be better but inconsistent.

Day and Knight Tip #4: Pick the better Skill Based on your current Skills.

Example of Skill Choices: Reflex Arrow, Oblique Arrow & Strengthen.

Reflex Arrow needs other skills to be effective.
Oblique Arrow is a good skill to counter mobs but it needs High Damage Output.
So we need Strengthen Skill to increase our Base Damage Output.

Strengthen or Increase ATK skill is a great skill specially at early phase of the Chapter.
It boosts damage output to other skills as well.

Choose Oblique Arrow if you have high Damage Output already.
Oblique will be much more effective against mobs.

Day and Knight Tip #5: Ultimate Skill.
Ultimate Skill Button will appear only if the Energy Bar is at 100%
Killing enemies will increase the percentage of the Energy Bar.
Ultimate Skill is very effective against Bosses.
It releases Burst Damage and to be followed by a Powerful Buff that Amplifies your
Damage Output greatly.

This is why Increasing Attack Damage Output from skills are beneficial in times like these
that you need to use the Ultimate Skill for defeating Boss Quickly.

Day and Knight Tip #6: Talent.
The best talent would be ATK.
The best offense is the best defense in this kind of games.
There's no additional cost if you overupgrade the ATK.
There's no certain requirement that may prevent you to overupgrade ATK.
So the best choice would be Over Upgrading ATK.