Legends of Fighters LOF Duel Star Cheats: Gift Codes & Heroes, Resources Tips, Android, iOS Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legends of Fighters LOF Duel Star by Loongcheer for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) Mobile Game

Legends of Fighters LOF Duel Star Tips: Heroes upgrading
1. Fighter Ranking: SP, SSR, SR, others. You can click the Lineup Rec in Fighter Album for newbie and advanced rec.
2. In the early phase, you could upgrade Ryo to clear the storyline as he deals tons of damage and he is relatively tanky. Meanwhile, it's better to upgrade some fighters with AoE damage or Support, such as Mai, Vivian, Nako & Limo, Ryze etc., they could keep the enemy at low health so your Ryo has a higher chance to survive.
3. Take your time grinding, there is no need to hurry. Every SSR or SP fighter works great in a certain comp. Hence, you will eventually get enough copies of the SP or SSR fighters you want because all of them are available in the Recruit and there will be Optional SP/SSR pack through out the game.

Legends of Fighters LOF Duel Star Tips: Resource management
4. [Shop] Always! Always remember to buy the Rare shards, recruit ticket, golden shards and advanced stone in the Daily Sale and resources with discount, they are nearly free and useful.
5. [Permanent Privilege] The Commission Privilege is a must-have if you plan to play for some time, it only costs gems and it is permanent. Check out the benefit, it brings lots of resources.
6. [Commission Quest] The commission quests could cost gems to refresh, rewards of the missions above 4 stars are very considerable. Lots of Crystals, rare shards and so on.
7. [Lucky Card] Don't forget to claim login quest and buy the Item for sale in Lucky Card event, rewards there are super useful for early game.
8. I don't recommend you to use your gems to recruit, save them so you could get your artifact and optional SP pack in the Gachapon event.

Legends of Fighters LOF Duel Star Tips: Extra Tips
9. Try to fight more and get a higher rank in the Arena. You will earn lots of resources in both arena and tournament.
10. VIP points could be earned from any purchases or daily sign-in.
11. You could reset any fighter to level 1, so upgrade whatever you have in the early game. The star-level as well can be reset without
any cost before rainbow tier.
12. Think carefully about upgrading the Infernal/Thunder fighters, they are relatively rare, try not to use them as fodders unless you have some spare ones.
13. Remember to participate in the tournaments, you earn manuals there.
14. Participate in railway pursuit to get lots of energy.

Legends of Fighters LOF Duel Star Gift Code: https://youtu.be/5aDEDpy79GU