Game of Dice Cheats: What is Joy and Game Mechanics Tips, Guide and Tricks

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Game of Dice Guide
For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

What is Joy

First, you should know how much JOY you have
It is the currency we use in Game of Dice.

JOY will be used when you don’t have enough money for
betting or paying the toll fee during a game.

You will also need JOY to join a game
This JOY is called Play JOY.
Play JOY will be deducted from Total JOY you own,
You will win the game once your opponents go bankrupt
and has no Play JOY left!

Game Mechanics

First player to arrive will take unclaimed cities
First come, first served! And it’s for free!

You will collect toll fees when opponents arrive at your city,
The more tolls you collect, the closer you will be to win the

Each player has a designated color,
The building colors will match you" color, so don’t
forget your color to see who owns which property,

You will be able to break out from jail by either
paying a small fee.

Or, if you are short on cash, you can choose to break away
by rolling the dice.
But you will need to roll a dice double to escape.

To give you an advice, it’ s better to pay and escape from jail
in the early stage of the game, Because you will need to
take as many properties as you can early on.

There are total of 4 vacation spots,
Tolls for vacation spots will increase by the number of
vacation spots claimed!

Golden Ox grants a buff that increases the tolls on all
of your properties! A huge advantage!

The multiplying rate will increase if you revisit the Golden Ox,
But be aware, if an opponent takes over the Golden Ox,
you will lose all buffs!

Total bet amount will be added up and displayed on the
Total Bet Amount at the top of the screen.
And the final winner takes all!

They are called Fortune road and Misery road,
Road blocks have effects that fit the road's names.
You'll be able to team them as you play,

Once you arrive at either of the crossroads,
you will roll a single dice again,
moving along the crossroad.

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